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About Zearn

Zearn is an online math curriculum coupled with live whole- and small-group instruction for grades one through eight.

Zearn Review

Zearn is the top-rated math learning platform that helps kids explore concepts, discover meaning, and make sense of math. 

Do we like about Zearn?

According to Zearn, the curriculum for grades seven and eight is in Early Access, with supplementary practice exercises for kindergarteners. Students are greeted by a dashboard that contains tasks for them to complete. These tasks include guided practise with interactive video lessons that feature diverse and enthused human teachers and school-age children, as well as a variety of fluency warm-ups that encourage general number sense and lesson-specific skills ("The Zearn Squad"). The virtual instructor will assist students in completing notes, which are paper-based worksheets, as part of the guided practice.

What skills does it improve?

Conceptual knowledge will be taught through digital manipulatives and online independent practice. It will also make an effort to rectify learner misconceptions through feedback. In any particular lesson, teachers can identify which ideas the students struggled with. Then, throughout whole-class and small-group activities, teachers must assess these kids in order to give the necessary instruction to close gaps.

Zearn's live education features are essential for making sure that both of these topics are covered for the benefit of the students. Therefore, even though more practice exercises and problems with open-ended and multiple approaches would be fantastic, the number and calibre of these free materials are superb.

What age is it appropriate for?

Zearn is appropriate for students in grades K-8.

Is Zearn free?

There is a wonderful blend of free online lessons, classroom training, and instructional materials. 

Is Zearn easy to use?

Extensive scaffolding, excellent tools for in-person education, and a wealth of informative data offer the best learning experience.

How will students benefit?

Additionally, there is a summative exit ticket and a Tower of Power task that combines individual practice and formative assessment. From their own dashboard, teachers can easily access the curriculum, have the choice to test out the online student interactives, and get a convenient student report to keep tabs on and track the progress of their students.

The program's intended function is made crystal plain by Zearn: Students should start class with whole-group instruction. Students then spend in-class time working independently on digital lessons and depending on evaluations of student achievement, they work in small groups with a teacher to deepen, extend, and remediate.

 It would probably be preferable to follow this strategy: There isn't quite enough digital support accessible to expect children to learn everything on their own, and the classes' material isn't quite sufficient to provide enough practice or the variety of viewpoints that are essential to mathematical knowledge. Although Zearn's independent digital component is excellent, focusing on it too much would hinder learning effectiveness and could lead to student burnout.

How will teachers benefit?

A school would have access to more features if they choose the paying version. Along with the standard curriculum activities, teachers can give their students homework from a math library of core concepts. Additionally, more thorough student reports that suggest particular fundamental lessons will be available to instructors and administrators.

What can Zearn improve on?

Zearn could use more puzzles with numerous possible solutions.

How much does Zearn cost?

Zearn is available free of cost in all browsers of Windows and Mac. 

Final thoughts

The online material is motivating for kids and has solid scaffolding. It is intended to support the whole-group fluency warm-up and small-group live instruction, not to replace them. The online learning environment is driven by extensive scaffolding. Each course expands on prior knowledge, organises tasks into simple steps, and provides opportunities for advancement.

Rich data are available to assist pupils. On-demand professional development, whole-class and small-group lesson plans, and materials in Spanish are helpful for assisting diverse learners.

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