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About Wordela

Wordela is a vocabulary-building app to help anyone extend their vocabulary. There are courses in the app to help English language learners grow the variety of words they use and ones specific to their roles, such as business. Students preparing for standardised tests and college exams have access to wordlists especially curated for them.

Wordela provides high-quality audio content, flashcard tools, gamified motivation, and content that teaches meanings and pronunciation alongside the words. The app is accessible as a web app and downloadable iOS and Android apps, but you must register for its free trial before accessing these.

Wordela Review

What is Wordela app?

Wordela has word lists to help with standardised tests, including GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT, and TOEFL. It also has lists appropriate to support kids as they move through school.

Wordela's courses are audio based. They start with a learning section to introduce words and use them in context. A revision section follows this up to consolidate what was in the previous part. Then users complete a multiple-choice quiz to test their retention of the new words.

Outside the courses are word lists and other learning materials to provide learners with a place to find everything they need to learn and practice new words. A listen option pronounces the word (recorded, not synthesised). A context option uses the word in different situations. In addition, there are direct links to Wiktionary and Wikipedia, which display the relevant details within the app.

Learners can also see statistics about their use of the word, such as when they first saw it, when they last saw it, and how well they have recognised it in the app-based activities.

What we love about Wordela app.

Many vocabulary apps focus on teaching people new words but forget about helping them to use those words. Wordela's audio courses go into replacing existing words with newly learned ones in conversation.

The clear speech in the audio sections and the pronunciation options help with this, as do the many diverse examples of the words used in sentences and conversations.

Wordela is a very convenient app to use. It stores and synchronises everything via the cloud. You can work on your vocabulary while commuting on your phone and then pick up the same session on your PC once you get home. There are no limits to the number of devices you can use it across.

What skills does it teach?

Wordela is a vocabulary-improvement app. It introduces and reinforces words and their meanings.

New users of the app choose why they want to use Wordela. Options include learning English as a second language, passing college exams, and self-improvement. The app will adjust your experience based on your goal.

The app contains a huge dictionary of words and their meanings. Curated lists help you focus on the vocabulary most suited to your purposes, such as business or K12 education.

What age is it appropriate for?

Each course has information stating its purpose, suggested minimum age, and learning outcomes. None of them uses language unsuitable for kids, but some, for example, Corporate Vocabulary, are less useful for them.

The app includes curated standards-aligned wordlists for K12 and courses for those learning English as an additional language.

Is Wordela app easy to use?

Using Wordela is very easy. Its features and options are where you'd expect them to be in the app's options. The typefaces used are clear and easy to read.

How will students benefit?

Wordela provides a more personalised experience than students could get from a book or linear resource like a video or podcast. The app's artificial intelligence algorithm, AutoLearn, tracks your understanding of words.

The app judges the best time to reintroduce words to refresh your memory or help a tricky word stick. If you consistently recognise the word, you'll see it repeated less often. If you are struggling to remember it, you'll see it sooner.

As well as helping learners remember words more quickly, this speeds up the process because frequently revisiting words they don't need is time they could be spending learning new ones. It also avoids introducing the boredom caused by too much repetition.

How will parents benefit?

Wordela comes with a built-in flash card facility. These flashcards can use the app's word base, and users can customise them. It has the features you'd expect to see in a Flashcard app, such as control over the autoplay speed and hiding the words learners have mastered.

If learners have Wordela, they won't need an extra flashcard app if that is a way they enjoy learning. As parents often pay for their kids' learning apps, this is likely to be cost-saving for them.

How will teachers benefit?

Vocabulary apps tend to be used by native English speakers to build their internal dictionaries to become more confident and pass college entrance tests. Alternatively, those who have learned English as an additional language use them to become more proficient. Both are valid uses of this app, and it will support both, but there is an extra option too.

Wordela lets its users build up custom word lists and their associated definitions. This feature will make it a beneficial tool for teachers to help their students build their knowledge of technical and subject-specific terms.

How much does Wordela app cost?

Individual licenses:

Wordela comes with seven days of free access to all of its features. After this free trial has expired, you can continue to use the app with a subscription.


Wordela's publishers encourage businesses, schools, colleges, and universities to contact it to discuss embedding the app in their institutions.

Is Wordela app safe to use?

Wordela uses gamification features to motivate users. Learners can enable a public profile to let others view how far they have come, but you do not have to allow this. We'd like to see a way for adults to prevent kids from activating this feature.

We could not find a privacy policy or terms and conditions on the app's website or within the web app.

What can Wordela app improve on?

The native app download experience is not typical. Once you have created an account for Wordela via the web app, you can use it immediately but have to wait a while for the iOS and Android links to be forwarded to you. Searching your device's app store will not reveal the Wordela app.

Any process which is not typical can be disconcerting for users, so we'd recommend Wordela enable a more accessible native app download method.

Wordela's audio material was initially created to be used with physical media and refers to being on disks occasionally. It does not harm the learning value of the material but feels a little incongruous when you are streaming the material in an app.

Overall rating of the app.

Wordela is a great way for anyone to grow their vocabulary for whatever purpose. It has excellent content for introducing new words and showing how to use them. The revision and practice tools are also excellent, and the algorithm behind them keeps the learning pace effective.

Before you buy more limited vocabulary apps, try Wordela's free trial to see if its tools and content offer you a much more cost-effective and efficient learning experience.

Wordela is a five-star vocabulary building app.

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