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About Whiteboard.fi

Whiteboard.fi is a very simple and easy-to-use digital whiteboard where you, as the teacher, can see all your students’ whiteboards in real time. Students only see your whiteboard and their own, and you can push things out to their whiteboard. The best part is that there’s no login required, and it works on any device. Whiteboard.fi can be accessed on any web browser.

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Whiteboard.fi Review

Whiteboard.fi is an online whiteboard service specially designed for teachers and classrooms. An excellent tool for formative assessment! It is free online whiteboard tool for teachers and classroom. 

Whiteboard.fi is meant to be used in the same way that modest, actual whiteboards are. That information can be used to detect student needs for assistance or challenge, as well as to modify education.

What we like about Whiteboard.fi?

All of this can be done digitally with Whiteboard. fi. You make a whiteboard session and share it with others using a URL or code. You can prepare worksheets or problems by creating activities on your computer screen. Files and photos can also be uploaded. You can then push out or allocate your screen to students so they can work on their devices once it's available. When students are pushed, it takes over their screens right away, however, when they are assigned, they can work on it at their own leisure.

What skills does it improve?

Whiteboard.fi is a convenient approach for students to share their creative thinking, problem-solving strategies, and mastery of essential skills and topics.  

What age is it appropriate for?

Whiteboard.fi is appropriate for students in grades 6-12.

Is Whiteboard.fi free?

Whiteboard. fi is free to use and also has subscription plans. Whiteboard. fi is available for all browsers for Windows. 

Is Whiteboard.fi easy to use?

Whiteboard.fi is simple to assess and participate in formative feedback. Digital workstations for students can be readily created by teachers and changed as needed.

How will students benefit?

The students have undoubtedly given kids an issue, a query, or a brainstorming activity and asked them to work on it independently or in small groups, using whiteboards and markers to express their ideas.

How will teachers benefit?

Whiteboard.fi is a straightforward and efficient method for teachers to collect data for formative evaluation. If you have an interactive whiteboard or projector, you can keep an eye on the work of the students and share it with the group. A wider range of students can participate in learning activities because of the simplicity of accessing all of their classmates' work. Any subject has possible applications.

How will parents benefit?

It opens an encouraging opportunity for parents to provide children with the best option to enjoy the learning activity. 

What can Whiteboard.fi improve on?

Whiteboard.fi does not have the option to drag and drop the slides. The beginning tutorial is not provided. 

How much does Whiteboard.fi cost?

Whiteboard.fi is available free to try and the basic plan is available for $4.99 a month and the premium plan is available for $12.99 a month. 

Final thoughts

Whiteboard.fi with the added advantage of allowing students to add images, worksheets, emoticons, and text to drawings and the ability to create many whiteboards in preparation that they can share with one another, Fi is a fantastic alternative to a traditional whiteboard.

Specifically designed for use in classrooms, Whiteboard. fi is a temporary whiteboard solution. You can create and utilise a whiteboard as well as the related tools without registering with the help of a free account. You have the option to include a saving mode that accommodates participants with weak internet signals and to set up a waiting area where students must wait before entering the whiteboard area.

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