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About TypingPal

Typing Pal is a comprehensive tool for students who need to learn and improve their keyboarding technique. The course prioritises accuracy over speed and offers three learning settings with various visuals and practice texts. 

TypingPal Review

What do we like about TypingPAL?

The website offers a huge selection of texts for typing practice that the teacher can alter. Additionally, the algorithm of the website, which keeps track of which keys or fingers require more practice, generates improvement tasks automatically.

Large, legible language and lots of repetition are used in the exercises as they gradually introduce additional keys. Prior to each exercise, students are shown their goals and following them, their results are displayed. The examinations that follow each level have a similar structure to the exercises and concentrate on what has been practised. 

What skills does it improve?

With its three environment levels and customised texts, Typing Pal is an excellent tool for students to learn typing and keyboarding techniques. Learning is kept relevant to the students' classes and skill levels. Since the final test is identical to the initial timed test, it is simple to monitor students' progress throughout the course.

What age is it appropriate for?

Students in elementary (Super Paws), middle (TGIF), and high school are the target audiences (The Office). There is also a Classic setting that is appropriate for people of all ages.

Is TypingPAL free?

Typing Pal is free to use and available in all browsers of Windows and Mac.

Is TypingPAL easy to use?

With colour-coded keys that match finger positioning and usage, Typing Pal makes good use of colour to keep the screen environment fresh. Students receive notifications about their progress, and the website employs motivational aids like vibrant badges, golden icons for flawless accuracy, and a certificate of accomplishment to encourage students to aim higher. 

How will students benefit?

Students can compete for high scores in the two included games if a competitive atmosphere is beneficial as a reward for reaching objectives or finishing homework. A variety of incentive elements are included throughout the course to keep students tracking their personal development.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can fully personalise the student experience with Typing Pal using the many setting tools provided. To make the most of their study time, go over all of the options before having your students start the programme. The "7 Keys to Success in Learning to Type!" video can then be shown to get the class going. Before modifying the targets for your students, have them complete the associated initial test. 

You may ensure that students are making progress while having fun by assigning them to work on lessons regularly and for brief periods of time. Maintain a pleasant and lively environment while gradually boosting your expectations. You can create groups in your classroom to assign particular text groups or manage numerous classrooms at once using the back-end settings.

What can TypingPAL improve on?

Teachers in the United States may want to make some adjustments because the texts use Canadian spellings. The backspace key cannot be used during exams, hence Typing Pal does not have the functionality to toggle it on or off for pupils. It would be beneficial to provide this option in the settings.

How much does TypingPAL cost?

Typing Pal cost $29.95 a year for the basic plan. 

Final thoughts

Typing Pal has a clean layout with simple-to-read menus and panels. Numerous teaching resources are available, and to help students acquire keyboarding techniques, they participate in enjoyable activities, receive encouraging prizes, and receive thorough training. The accuracy, number of errors, speed, and progress of each learner are displayed during each lesson. This helps students understand how they are doing in the class. Students can also watch replays of their own exercises on video, which helps them identify their weak points. The built-in practice routines automatically adjust to each student's demands and give them focused practice. In order to help older students take ownership of their own learning, teachers might also grant them more autonomy over their goals.

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