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About TypingClub

TypingClub is web-based free typing tool. Typing Club is a fun way to learn how to type as well as to improve typing skills. Typing Club is expected to be used by students ranging from late elementary school to high school.

TypingClub Review

What is TypingClub

TypingClub is the most accessible typing program available. TypingClub is a Google for Education Partner. TypingClub's lesson plan contains over 600 lessons, guiding students from individual keys through numbers and punctuation, and all the way to a goal of 75 WPM. The carefully designed lessons include instructional videos, educational games, cross-curricular content, and other interactive experiences.

The program supports other languages and offers several plans for learning a foreign language. TypingClub offers several special features, such as multilevel voice-overs and customizable font sizes (with an extra-large font and high-contrast theme). Besides, you can take one-handed typing lessons, as well as select different sound options and use screen-reader commands.

Is TypingClub.com free?

TypingClub is available for free for both individuals and schools. TypingClub School Edition is available in both a free and pro version.

Does TypingClub have a free trial?

Yes! TypingClub offers a 60-day free trial for schools.

How much does TypingClub Pro cost?

After the free trial, TypingClub costs $99.80 for one year includes up to 20 students licenses. 

How students will benefit?

TypingClub helps students learn how to type while having an engaging and interactive experience. It features virtual keyboard and hand guides to show proper hand position, badges and stars to keep students motivated, games and videos to make learning fun, voice over that reads words aloud as you type them, and typing playback to view past performances. TypingClub offers students an interactive experience with games, videos and different typing challenges that makes typing fun. 

TypingClub's games are unique, engaging, and challenging. Each of the customizable games focuses on building specific typing skills. Students can learn touch typing with hundreds of lessons in Spanish, French and German, including games, videos and the entire student experience in the same languages.

It also has a practice calendar which shows total practice time, number of attempts per day, and total attempts for each week, as well as a punchcard that shows activity by day and hour.

How teachers will benefit?

This tool helps teachers to manage several classes using TypingClub. You can monitor the progress of students and customize lessons using this typing tutorial tool.

TypingClub’s School Edition offers many lesson plans including QWERTY and DVORAK keyboards, left and right hand typing, and many languages including Spanish, French, and Italian. This edition is also SSL secured, has no advertisements, and can be used on an iPad.

If you’re looking for more than just typing games for kids, this is a great series of lessons to consider. It’s free, you don’t need to create an account, and it’s engaging, interactive, and fun. Kids learn proper hand posture, and they must practice each lesson until they earn 5 stars before progressing to the next level. They also offer an option for younger kids called Jungle Junior where children learn about the alphabet, sight words, word families, and simple sentences.

Overall Rating

TypingClub is the best typing program for kids that will help students quickly master typing skills. Thanks to the teacher dashboard, you can organize lessons for the entire class. You can add new students, create and assign lessons, as well as track student progress.

Typesy is a good alternative to TypingClub.

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