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About Typing.com

Typing.com is a free typing platform where learners in K-12 and beyond can develop excellent keyboarding skills.

Typing.com Review

Typing.com helps people improve their typing and coding skills while also improving their digital literacy. Its goal is to use games, online activities, and lessons to assist students and teachers in laying a technical foundation. Users may follow, grade and report on pupils' progress in real time using this Typing.com is a tutoring programme. The software's instructor portal includes sophisticated features for guiding students toward a successful career and life skills. 

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From beginner to high levels, Typing.com offers dozens of free, educational typing courses. This curriculum differs from standard home row instruction. Students put their skills to the test with difficult practice activities before progressing to words, phrases, and paragraphs. Students can examine their word-per-minute (WPM), accuracy percentages, and star ratings after each finished screen. Performance data is really useful. It's kept entertaining through games and choose-your-own-adventure stories.

What do we like about Typing.com?

There are also timed examinations available in lengths of one, three, and five minutes, with completion certificates available thereafter. Students can choose from ten different themes and seven different games to personalise their learning experience. Practice options include specialised content, 10-key, popular medical phrases, and humour; adaptive, focused problem-key practice, and adventure stories in which students simultaneously type and control the plot while making story judgments along the way. Teachers can assign entire units, which will suffice for most beginner typists who want to cover everything. 

What skills does it improve?

Special courses on how to use a computer, online safety and behaviour, time management, formatting correspondence and reports, and coding principles, which introduce pupils to HTML and CSS, are included as well. These additional classes combine lectures, quizzes, and typing practice. 

With often used medical terminology, unique Dvorak practice, and 10-key, the practise section is extremely advanced. In addition to typing the most often used English words, practise courses contain a tailored practice portion based on pupils' most difficult letters. A wrap-up lesson is included at the end of each section to improve the skills.

What age is it appropriate for?

The classes on Typing.com are appropriate for kids in grades K-12, with teaching ranging from basic to advanced.

Is Typing.com free?

Keep in mind that free accounts are subject to advertisements, however, paid premium accounts are ad free and come with additional benefits such as unlimited data storage.

Is Typing.com easy to use?

Teachers can create cross-curricular classes and examinations, and the platform has tools to make it more accessible: The site is in English and Spanish, with transcripts for the films and text-to-speech dictation. Students can choose from ten different dashboard styles, play typing games with zombies or carnival themes, direct choose-your-own-adventure stories, and earn milestone badges. Every step they take advances their avatar's level.

How will students benefit?

Typing.com has a lovely touch of encouragement. Positive notes directed at students are included in section introductions. Kids get badges for completing lessons, and their chosen avatar grows or develops as they accumulate XP (experience points). Students can see their own progress in individual lessons as well as in the overall programme. This motivates individuals to work harder to improve their abilities. Students can study the questions and answers after completing the quizzes in the sections that provide them.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can create an endless number of classes with an unlimited number of students, teachers, and administrators using the powerful teacher dashboard. They create their classes either manually or via Google Classroom, Clever, or ClassLink to sync them. Students can also self-register using a class-specific link. The students can then customise their learning environment by logging in through their own portals. Teachers can tailor the student experience with Typing.com in a variety of ways.

With fine-grained statistics, teachers may keep track of individual and group growth in real time. Easily manage students and download progress reports. Customize student access to classes, games, and controls. Establish success criteria for students, such as a minimum typing speed and accuracy. Examine each lesson's topic in advance. Set a message that appears on the student dashboard when they log in and changes on a regular basis, which is useful for assigning assignments or encouraging chevaliers. 

How will parents benefit?

Typing.com helps the students to achieve the skills required to enhance their abilities. Parents are assisted with the perfect tool to enrich the skills of every student. It gives pupils a personalised learning route to help them improve their math skills.

What can Typing.com improve on?

There is no mechanism to assign individual lessons to pupils; only whole units can be assigned. On the free edition, there are distracting advertisements. One feature lacking from the teacher dashboard is the ability to assign specific lessons to students directly. This could be beneficial for practising specific skills.

How much does Typing.com cost?

Typing.com.com has both free and premium plans. The premium plan costs $3.79 a year. 

Final Thoughts

Because of its simple and comprehensive education, enjoyable practice, and trackable metrics, it is one of the better typing programmes available. Basic typing practise, speed drills, and more are included in multileveled lessons arranged into digestible portions. Digital literacy classes, coding exercises, and specific attention to kids' issue keys are all included in the curriculum. 

A tour of the site introduces new visitors to the user interface. Lessons are accessible in English or Spanish, including transcripts for videos. Each lesson provides ample data for students to monitor their development. Typing.com provides scope and sequence papers to help teachers incorporate content into their classes. The reporting component of the application allows the teacher to assign homework to students and ensure that they complete their assignments. Typing.com is simple to implement in the classroom.

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