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About TypeTastic

TypeTastic! is an interactive, game-based program designed to help K–12 students learn basic typing skills.

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TypeTastic Review

TypeTastic is a great app to improve touch typing skills. Kids can learn how to feel the keyboard and type without looking. The tying app has over 700 interacting activities. It helps kids improve their typing fluency and speed.

What do we like about Typetastic?

The game-based approach to learning the keyboard, including the colorful, user-friendly graphics and interface, makes this program a great choice for teachers and homeschool instructors.

Bright colors, fun characters, catchy melodies, and sound effects all add to the overall appeal of this website. 

How does Typetastic work?

Typetastic program are broken down into four main categories: Master Those Keys for grades 4–12, All Fingers Aboard for grades 2–5, and My Keyboard Adventure for grades K–3.

The younger kids can learn about the keyboard layout, memorise letter groupings, and practise finding each key with the help of My Keyboard Adventure's engaging games.

Students can practise typing letters with the right fingers without looking at the keyboard by playing games like Fruity Keys, which drops fruit pieces with letters on them. Students type words and sentences using the Ready, Set, Type! app.

Younger students start by playing games and learning the basics of typing. They use a keyboard that is divided into sections, with each section corresponding to a finger. Once students have mastered the basics, they move on to a keyboard with color-coded keys that show which finger should be used for each letter. 

Advanced students practise speeding up and adding numbers and symbols in Master Those Keys.

Older students start with drills that are similar to games. The most talented students take typing tests that require them to type paragraphs of text on a variety of topics. Students are given a score after each game or test, which takes into account their typing speed and accuracy.

What skills does it improve?

With more than 400 tasks spanning all grade levels and levels of difficulty, children may learn the keyboard layout, develop good typing habits, and hone their keyboarding abilities.

Does Typetastic have an app?

TypeTastic is not available as an app. It is entirely browser-based and works on all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge) and on desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads.

What age is it appropriate for?

TypeTastic is appropriate for students of K-12.

Is Typetastic free?

TypeTastic is free for all users. 

What is Typetastic School Edition?

TypeTastic School Edition includes a fun and inspiring K-12 keyboarding curriculum along with a suite of teacher tools. TypeTastic School Edition features Teacher Dashboard for student management and setting up target scores.

Use TypeTastic School Edition's 60-day free trial options to see whether it meets your needs as a teacher of K-12 kids. 

How much does Typetastic cost?

Typetastic classroom subscription for 40 students is $99 a year, while school subscriptions start from $249 a year.

How will students benefit?

TypeTastic! helps students build skills in the following areas (depending on their grade and typing skill level): placement of keys on a keyboard, hand dexterity, typing from muscle memory, letter recognition, color recognition, punctuation recognition, reading comprehension, ordering, and problem solving.

For younger kids, segmenting the keyboard can be very useful. Learning to type is best done by gradually increasing the level of difficulty, and the ability to skip classes will be helpful for quick learners. Students have access to their history results to see how they have improved over time. Each of the typing games, exercises, and quizzes offers a score at the conclusion that includes information about typing speed and accuracy.

When the wrong key is pressed, a star is displayed at the bottom of the screen next to the appropriate key on the keyboard, and the letter briefly glows red. While students are typing, not much other input is provided, and neither speed nor error feedback is provided. The keys on the keyboard don't light up when students type, unlike many other keyboarding games.

How will teachers benefit?

Children who have never used a keyboard can benefit from the games and exercises designed for younger students, but those who struggle with reading fluently may want further assistance. Older children are given access to a full (if basic) typing curriculum that progresses them from typing in the home row to typing paragraphs. It is simpler to include keyboarding exercises in longer class periods when teachers are aware of the exact length of each lesson and part.

How will parents benefit?

TypeTastic offers a comprehensive K–12 typing curriculum for children to learn and practise typing skills.

What can Typetastic improve on?

Instead of organising the keys into the zones depicted in the earlier lessons, higher-level classes divide the keyboard differently, making the keys pushed with each finger the same colour. In the event that students switch between lessons, this can result in some misunderstanding.

Additionally, the game pauses after a few seconds if students take a break from typing for a long or switch to another window on their computer. The initial key tapped when students try to resume typing unpauses the activity rather than registering as typed input, which can result in mistakes.

Final thoughts

TypeTastic offers over 700 typing activities across all grade level to help students learn keyboard skills through the medium of games. Its exciting games cover all skills necessary to ace typing and take its players through a progressive journey to master the keyboard.

TypeTastic School Edition is a complete K-12 keyboarding curriculum.

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