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TypeDojo is a web-based application developed to teach the user to type with speed and accuracy. The extremely comprehensive set of exercises are all timed and are based around groups of key words for example Dolch Words and Sight words. The user has the opportunity to have a Certificate of Accomplishment printed off to certify their proficiency in keyboarding. TypeDojo is designed for Primary School children but could be used at any age as a refresher to sharpen up your keyboarding skills. Review

What is TypeDojo?

TypeDojo is a focused website for kids and adults ready to take their typing skills to the next level. They offer a free online speed typing test that kids can use to practice their typing skills. This is an excellent way for kids to see how fast they can type various small words and to compare their typing speed with others.

TypeDojo offers typing lessons and practice and is designed specifically for kids! In fact, TypeDojo is certified with the Kid Safe Seal. In addition, lessons are offered at the basic, beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, so there is a lesson for kids of all ages and proficiency levels.  

Is TypeDojo free?

TypeDojo is free for all users.

What we like about TypeDojo?

Navigate to TypeDojo, select “Typing Lessons,” and choose a level based on your skill level to start typing practice.  

If you want to do something, in particular, you can choose between typing lessons, a typing test, a WPM test, or some fun typing games, which are all available on the homepage tabs up the top.
By clicking on the typing lessons, you are led to a page that lets you choose between basic, beginner, intermediate, or advanced typing practice lessons.
Words Per Minute (WPM) Test - In taking the WPM test, feedback is given, and the kid will know how many keystrokes were typed, how many strokes were correct, and how many strokes were wrong.
Moreover, the kids' gross speeds are measured in the WPM typing test. After the 60 seconds test, the kid earns a free certificate, which gives him an option to print it or Typing Practice more to get a higher score.
TypeDojo also has 1 minute typing tests, 3 minute typing tests and so on.

What skills will you develop?

Using Type Dojo, students can learn touch typing for free using typing games. They can save their progress by signing up, which will help keep track of your progress and the areas you need to work on.

Features TypeDojo

The test is automatically activated the moment the user types on the keyboard. At the end of the test, a summary of your activity is displayed. These include Keystrokes, Right Strokes, Wrong Strokes, Error Rate and Gross WPM.

If you have not registered then your score is not recorded, however, you can print it off! A registered and logged on user can then view a summary of the test they have completed and previous summaries. The registered summaries have a star rating depending on speed and accuracy and are listed by date and time. 

How does it work?

The TypeDojo site loads quickly and the immediate display and design is one of simplicity with a clear no-nonsense layout, in black and white with splashes of yellow denoting the company logo and the three buttons for the typing tests of one, three or five minutes. The user is drawn to click on one of the tests straightaway to get a feel for the application.

Clicking on the one-minute test button the next screen has eight yellow buttons marked from one to eight, which relate to the grade level or level of difficulty. When you click on one of these they reveal another menu which categorises various different words.

After the user selects an option, the next screen displays the test. The top half of the screen is bordered by a black rectangle that contains a list of words. The cursor highlights the first letter of the first word. Three yellow boxes within the rectangle display the time, words per minute, and accuracy. Below the rectangle is a useful diagram of the keyboard and icons of the left and right hand. Each letter that the typist is typing is reflected by a highlighted key on the keyboard and the corresponding finger. There is a toggle button to hide this feature if it is distracting.

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