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TypeDojo.com Review

TypeDojo is a website for kids and adults who are ready to take their typing skills to the next level. They offer a free online speed typing test that kids can use to practice their typing skills. This is an excellent way for kids to see how fast they can type different words and to compare their typing speed with others.

TypeDojo also has typing lessons and practice for kids of all levels. You can choose from basic, beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons, depending on your age and skill level.

TypeDojo.com Features

  • Interactive typing games
  • Goal setting
  • Ability for teachers to track and grade students
  • Get a Certificate of Accomplishment to show your typing proficiency
  • Set custom avatars

Screenshots of TypeDojo.com

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How much does TypeDojo cost?

TypeDojo is free for all users.

Is it good for learning?

TypeDojo has typing lessons for everyone, whether you’re looking for typing lessons for your kids or for yourself. Students can learn touch typing for free using their typing games. They can save their progress by signing up, which will help keep track of their progress and the areas they need to work on.

How does TypeDojo work?

TypeDojo is a typing app that offers four levels of lessons for different skill levels. The basic lessons teach the letters and keys near them, the beginner lessons teach the rows and short words, the intermediate lessons teach left and right-hand words, sight and fry words, phrases and sentences, and the advanced lessons reinforce and review everything.

TypeDojo is a simple and fast site that lets you take typing tests of one, three or five minutes. You can choose the test button and the level of difficulty from one to eight. You can also choose the type of words you want to type.

When you start the test, you will see a list of words in a black rectangle. The first letter of the first word will be highlighted. You will also see three yellow boxes that show the time, words per minute, and accuracy. Under the rectangle, there is a helpful diagram of the keyboard and the hands. Each letter you type will be highlighted on the keyboard and the finger you should use. You can hide this feature if you want.

The Experience of using TypeDojo

Navigate to TypeDojo, select “Typing Lessons,” and choose a level based on your skill level to start typing practice.  

If you want to do something, in particular, you can choose between typing lessons, a typing test, a WPM test, or some fun typing games, which are all available on the homepage tabs up the top.

By clicking on the typing lessons, you are led to a page that lets you choose between basic, beginner, intermediate, or advanced typing practice lessons.

Words Per Minute (WPM) Test - In taking the WPM test, feedback is given, and the kid will know how many keystrokes were typed, how many strokes were correct, and how many strokes were wrong.

Moreover, the kids' gross speeds are measured in the WPM typing test. After the 60 seconds test, the kid earns a free certificate, which gives him an option to print it or Typing Practice more to get a higher score.

TypeDojo also has 1 minute typing tests, 3 minute typing tests and so on.

The Pros of using TypeDojo.com

  • Free and no account needed
  • KidSafe Certified
  • Provides free professional certificate upon completion of their speed test

Benefits for teachers

TypeDojo is the best way to teach your students how to type, because it makes every lesson fun and engaging. Your students will love their interactive games, goal setting features, and custom avatar options. You can easily grade, track, and report on your students' progress in real time, so that they can see their improvement with every lesson, game, or test.


  • Ads can be distracting

Final Verdict: TypeDojo.com Review

TypeDojo is a web-based application developed to teach the user to type with speed and accuracy. The extremely comprehensive set of exercises are all timed and are based around groups of key words for example Dolch Words and Sight words.  TypeDojo is designed for primary school children but could be used at any age as a refresher to sharpen up your keyboarding skills.

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