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About Turnitin

Turnitin is a web-based plagiarism checker used by academic institutions to check for student plagiarism. It works by comparing submitted documents to its large database of published works, research papers, and other student papers, looking for text similarities.

Turnitin Review

What is Turnitin

Turnitin is an online plagiarism checker that checks and generates a similarity report from the submitted documents.

Students use Turnitin to submit their assignments, receive grades for the submitted assignments, get instructor feedback, and check the level of similarity in their essays, assignments, research papers, thesis, dissertations, and all their academic work.

Turnitin Pricing

Turnitin usually calculates the prices based on the number of students in an institution. This implies that the higher the number of students, the higher the pay and vice versa. 

What do we like about Turnitin?

The Turnitin website clearly communicates its purpose as a plagiarism detection and prevention tool. It aims to help educators and professionals identify instances of plagiarism in written content and promote academic integrity.

What skills does it improve?

Turnitin is known for its advanced plagiarism detection technology and high accuracy in identifying similarities in written content. The service compares submitted text with a vast database of academic papers, websites, and other sources to detect potential instances of plagiarism. The accurate results provide educators and professionals with reliable feedback on the originality of the work.

Is Turnitin easy to use?

The website features a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. The search functionality is straightforward, allowing users to submit text or upload files for plagiarism checking. The clear layout and concise instructions make it easy for users to understand and use the service effectively.

How will students benefit?

Turnitin supports multiple languages, catering to users from diverse linguistic backgrounds. The availability of multilingual support ensures that users can check content written in various languages, expanding the usability and accessibility of the service.

In addition to plagiarism detection, Turnitin provides feedback and grading tools that enable educators to provide comprehensive feedback on student work.

Turnitin generates originality reports that provide detailed information about the similarity of the submitted content to other sources.

How will teachers benefit?

Turnitin offers a valuable solution for educators and professionals seeking to promote academic integrity and ensure the originality of written content.

Turnitin offers seamless integration with popular learning management systems (LMS) used in educational institutions. This integration allows educators to incorporate plagiarism detection within their existing LMS environment, streamlining the process of checking student submissions and providing timely feedback on originality.


Turnitin provides a user-friendly and reliable platform for plagiarism detection and prevention. Its clear purpose and functionality, intuitive interface, high accuracy in plagiarism detection, originality reports and the similarity index, integration with learning management systems, feedback and grading tools, and multilingual support makes it the finest.

Alternatives to Turnitin Plagiarism Checker

There are a variety of alternatives to Turnitin Plagiarism Checker, most notably:

Grammarly – A popular grammar checker with a built-in plagiarism checker, Grammarly provides writing suggestions that help students improve the quality of their text in addition to a detailed plagiarism report.

Copyscape – An online plagiarism checker that specializes in website content, Copyscape alerts website owners if their content has been found elsewhere on the web.

Unicheck –  Another academic plagiarism checker that works with a variety of LMS programs, Unicheck scans nearly 100 billion current and archived web pages to find instances of plagiarism.

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