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About SymphonyMath

Symphony Math is an app and a web based program with a visual and highly intuitive interface to develop knowledge in maths.

SymphonyMath Review

What do we like about Symphony Math?

Symphony Math provides in-depth development of basic math concepts by utilising manipulatives onscreen, word problems, and fluency practice in an entertaining setting.

What skills does it improve?

Symphony Math enhances mathematical concepts, methods, and applications.

Kids benefit from the program's conceptual understanding assistance. Kids progress at their own pace and learn the fundamentals of math rather than becoming overwhelmed by numbers. For grades K through 5, Symphony Math offers math intervention and testing.

What age is it appropriate for?

Symphony Math is appropriate for students in grades K-5. 

Is Symphony Math free?

Symphony Math is free to download on iOS devices. 

Is Symphony Math easy to use?

Every learner has a different learning route provided by the Symphony Maths educational package, which focuses on fundamental number sense to enhance general math aptitude.

How will students benefit?

Students can link the Big Ideas in mathematics with the aid of Symphony Math, a three-step curriculum. A K–8 evaluation that identifies at-risk students and monitors student growth over the course of the academic year is offered through the Symphony Math Screener and Benchmarker. Students can better understand math at the conceptual level with the adaptive Symphony Math K–4 instructional package. Students' number sense is developed and any learning gaps are filled with Symphony Math's assistance. 

How will teachers benefit?

With students that are below grade level, it is a fantastic tool for teachers to differentiate learning. Teachers can support students to develop a deep understanding of the principles using Symphony Math, and they are able to adapt to increasingly complex problem solutions..

How much does Symphony Math cost?

Symphony Math is available for the cost of $75 a year. 

Final thoughts

Symphony Math is an ideal fit for students in grades K-5 who significantly struggle with computation concepts. Symphony Math also covers a child’s movement from concrete to abstract concepts. Topics such as learning with manipulatives, solving word problems, and mastering number facts are covered as well. Symphony Math has a specific scope and sequence and can be customized to fit a student’s learning needs.

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