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About Studies Weekly

Studies Weekly is a well-known educational resource service which competes against other educational resource services. The constant improvement and integration of resources make it one of a kind learning experience. 

Studies Weekly Review

What do we like about Studies Weekly?

contains teacher materials assembled in a colourful magazine format, including lesson plans, activities for the classroom, tests, and assessments. Activities that can be used for in-class assignments are included in every issue of Studies Weekly.

What skills does it improve?

Studies Weekly provides the opportunity to enhance the knowledge in the field of science with a variety of content in the same format. The curiosity in students to grasp more knowledge is induced. It also helps in increasing the critical thinking skills of students. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Studies Weekly is appropriate for students in grades K-5. 

Is Studies Weekly free?

Studies Weekly offers a free trial to the users. It is available in all browsers of Windows and Mac. 

Is Studies Weekly easy to use?

The easy navigation and easy-to-use interface are one of the benefits and features that aid every user. 

How will students benefit?

Diverse reading, listening, and learning strategies are included in lesson plans and extension activities to accommodate the requirements of ELL, ESL, and G/T students in order to reach every learner.

How will teachers benefit?

For the entire academic year, order weekly newspapers or magazines for each student in your class, along with full access to our online learning environment. Using an online platform, teacher may monitor the progress of kids in real time. Assessments that are pre-made and can be modified offer choices for auto-grading.

How will parents benefit?

Through Google Classroom integration, parents can manage all of your students' assignments, progress, and exams in one location.

What can Studies Weekly improve on?

The same format of the content can be varied to increase the engagement of the students. 

How much does Studies Weekly cost?

Studies Weekly is available to students at the cost of $8.15.

Final thoughts

Studies Weekly has complete adherence to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The open-ended and practical lessons help students as well as teachers alike. Studies Weekly is capable of being learned remotely or in a classroom. It is driven by guiding questions that encourage investigation among students.

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