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About Singing Carrots

Singing Carrots is a web-based tool that provides learners with the opportunity to build their skills in singing, with initial introductions around finding your own vocal range and exercises to improve pitch, tuning, tone, scale and depth of singing ability.  

Singing Carrots Review

Singing Carrots allows you a wide array of features, such as testing your own pitch, exploring songs that fit your vocal range, and searching a range of different songs that you wish to learn. It also has a chrome extension to help support the features across different websites to help transpose the key of music to suit your voice. There is also an educational course that you can sign up to that works through a range of levels and exercises, and sets up different levels of games and differentiated across ability, that also compares scores with other users, providing a competitive element to the learning.

The main suitability is based on the ability and skills of the player intended, and the understanding of the language and navigation of the app, and therefore I would recommend for users of 11+. That said, the choice of title lends itself well to younger students, as well as some of the songs, and therefore this could be developed. It is compatible with any device that has microphones, headphone options and a browser.  As this is a website, there is no download requirement. There is a subscription-based service for monthly or yearly service. There are no other adverts on top of this. It develops skills in performance, building repertoire, and developing your singing ability.  

What we love about Singing Carrots

What I love about the Singing Carrots, is the exercises to develop your singing across pitch and tone. The use of the microphone gives the student immediate feedback as to the length and accuracy of singing different notes, and provides a really strong understanding of notation through the imagery of a piano, helping to understand leaps and steps in music. I also love it’s competition element across the games, as this allows you to want to improve and repeat each exercise so that you can be the best, and this is exactly what is needed as a growing and developing musician. It also shares a wide range of repertoire that suits the right range of voice, which helps learners to identify the songs that they should focus on. 

Is Singing Carrots easy to use?

Singing is very easy to use, due to the simple layout of the website through the menu. You can select the menu button, there are minimal amounts of clickable icons so it doesn’t get too confusing, and you can work your way through the website very easily. With the clear levelling up throughout the tutorials and exercises, and simple and basic language, it is very easy to follow. A clear font and one clear browsing menu allows you to scroll through and click on the areas you want very easily. They ‘About’ section also provides you with a very clear bullet point list of what the website contains, so you are sure not to miss anything out, particularly as areas are hyperlinked into the text.  

What can Singing Carrots improve on?

Singing Carrots has a wonderful initiative and rationale that the developer really wants one central place for learners to develop their singing skills, and this strong foundation has an opportunity to grow and develop. In order to make this more successful, it would ideally have a downloadable app, that doesn’t always require a WiFi connection, and the exercises and tutorials can continue to grow. This would hopefully then have the opportunity to share your recordings and collaborate with others easier, through the use of the app.

I really like the way you can progress through the levels and improve your singing skill. However, I would consider the use of repertoire. At the moment, there is a very wide range of repertoire, but the clickable hyperlinks to the sheet music, chords, and karaoke versions on YouTube are not owned by the developer. This would then mean that some links may become obsolete, and this opens onto other websites that isn’t secure within the app, and this may run into issues. I would suggest a smaller repertoire of songs that are included within the app, to include karaoke video, lyrics, chords etc created within the app. To share the deeper library of songs with hyperlinks, this could always be a separate forum or a ‘Contact Us’ for requests so that you can point people in the right direction.  

How much does Singing Carrots cost?

As it is a website, it is free to access. You can sign up to pro membership without ads for £124.95 for lifetime, £59.40 per year, £9.75 per month or £2.99 per week. 

Is Singing Carrots safe to use? What is the overall rating?

I am not confident that it is safe to use, purely because it hyperlinks to websites that it is not in control of their content, and this could be unsafe. However, the content within the website is safe. I would give it an overall rating of 3/5 – the focus on exercises and training is excellent – the repertoire and development of this can go further. 

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