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Whatever their field, researchers rely on peer-reviewed papers for cutting-edge insights and understanding of the current state within their research area. However, conducting a literature review has always been a manual task. Finding the most relevant papers can be a slow process that traditional search engines have assisted but not perfected.

Scite has the tagline of ChatGPT for science. It lets you search academic articles, journals, and papers by asking questions and receiving answers with high-quality and relevant citations. It can help give you insight into the articles and how they interrelate and even suggest areas ripe for study. Features

  • Find relevant papers by asking questions and getting answers with full citations
  • Be inspired by asking questions to find gaps in the current research
  • Smart Citations provide greater insight into the context and classification of papers
  • Simplify your analysis by asking Scite to summarise and re-present information
  • Keep up to date with trends and insights in your chosen area with a dedicated user dashboard
  • Browser extension available to improve ease of use

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Scite Pricing

Scite has subscription plans for individuals and institutions. Individuals can enjoy a seven-day free trial before subscribing monthly or yearly.

Is it good for learning?

Scite deals with academic articles and papers. When I refer to students in the context of this review, I refer to anyone conducting research using these sources. They may combine roles of teachers and students. For example, these could include a high-school teacher conducting research for a high-level teacher qualification or a university professor with teaching commitments.

Benefits for students

As Scite.AI's supporting information points out, sourcing the relevant papers to understand a field takes a lot of time. It doesn't contribute to greater understanding on the researcher's part - only reading and absorbing the literature will do that. Some lucky academics have a research assistant to help with gathering the sources. Scite extends this opportunity to everyone.

Having Scite work as a research assistant gives researchers more time to engage with the literature. They'll have time to build a better understanding, go deeper and, just as important, be more likely to hit deadlines. 

Researchers need to be confident in every part of their process to defend it. Scite.AI provides its technological basis with reference to an MIT-written paper linked to by its website.

Benefits for teachers

Many teachers return to studying after a break from academia. Whether it is to take their professional or subject knowledge to a higher level, they will need to re-engage with processes last used years previously.

Scite is a great assistant for these lifelong learners. It will compensate for rusty literature review skills, help teachers juggle their studies and day jobs to get things done more quickly and relieve the pressures of these two time-consuming tasks.


Scite is a powerful tool for finding papers relevant to your research, but it does not give open access to all journals and publications. You'll still need academic or personal access to the relevant journals.

This is fine, as Scite does not claim otherwise, but we would like to see a question in its FAQ clarifying this. Those new to online academic research may not realise this, so spelling it out should avoid disappointment.

Final Verdict: Review

Since they first emerged, search engines have improved the research experience, making it faster and allowing techniques like reverse citation look-up, which were all but impossible in the past. If traditional search engines made literature reviews easier, Scite supercharges the process.

Scite isn't 'just' a ChatGPT wrapper for researchers. It adds powerful features and usability that anyone involved in research will be reluctant to lose once they try them. With a free seven-day trial, I encourage anyone engaged in research to try it today.

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