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About Gizmo

Gizmo is an app that aids every user to remember what they have learned easily and effectively. It helps users find the perfect solution to memorise what they have learnt.

Gizmo Review

What do we like about Gizmo?

Gizmo offers opportunities to understand the simplicity in the process of learning and adapting to the skill set of every student. The various modes of use help users find the perfect revision to match their intellectual spirit. 

How It Works

  1. Add what you learn - No need to format it too much. Dump it in and we'll take care of that!
  2. Quiz for 5 mins a day - Our questions are fun. They're also designed and scheduled in a way that's optimum for your memory.
  3. Never forget - Consistently answering our questions means you'll never forget what you learn!

What skills does it improve?

Gizmo helps the users to memorise what they have learned with the best methods. The simple easy steps are ideal to learn the entire syllabus for school as well as for every competitive exam. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Gizmo is appropriate for all ages. 

Is Gizmo free?

Gizmo is available for to download on iOS and Android devices.

How much does Gizmo cost?

Gizmo is available free of cost. You can create unlimited cards and decks, and do unlimited quizzing for free.

Is Gizmo easy to use?

Gizmo has a very simple user interface that makes learning quite an experience. It offers the opportunity to learn effectively with the simple steps offered by the application. One can easily memorise what you have learnt with the baby steps offered by the app. 

How will students benefit?

Gizmo provides the best platform for students to learn it equips them with the best chance to revise each and every question with effective steps. There are various options available before students to understand the question and answer. Gizmo offers sufficient practice for every student to learn the question and answer. The app also offers the opportunity to prepare the students to face the question in every format available and it helps students to find all possible modes of questions. The app also offers options to save every card prepared by the student for further revision. The cards can be shared easily among classmates or friends. 

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can use Gizmo as their perfect partner to create the cards for students for tests. They can easily rephrase the question using the app and help students learn more easily and effectively. Gizmo is based on education theory and cognitive science. They apply principles from books like Powerful Teaching, including Active Recall, Spaced Repetition, Interleaving, and Feedback on student responses answers.

Gizmo adapts testing based on student performance.

How will parents benefit?

Gizmo offers the perfect solution for parents to teach their kids. It helps the parents to prepare the students for every test and score better. 

Final thoughts

Gizmo is the best platform for every learner to understand their strengths and weakness. It helps every learner to revise and memorise effectively with simple steps. With the app, one can make anywhere and everywhere the perfect time to revise and learn. The joy of combining study with games can be enjoyed with the app. 

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Android, Website, iPad, iPhone



Types of skills developed

Organisational and Productivity Skills



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