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Resoomer Review

Resoomer is an AI tool that can summarise text from your documents, URLs, pasted text, and even images of printed pages.

You have various options for how the tool summarises the text, including the length and focus of the summaries. You can adapt the focus in stages to refine the initial summary to suit your needs. Students and teachers can save a lot of time by letting Resoomer trim their reading material into a more manageable size.

Resoomer Features

  • AI tool: Summarises documents according to your needs.
  • Export options: Save your summaries in docx, pdf or download in all formats with a single click.
  • Text-to-speech: Listen to your summaries from within Resoomer
  • Easy-to-use interface: Simple web-based interface or Chrome and Firefox extensions
  • Support: A comprehensive and useful support section

Screenshots of Resoomer

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Resoomer Pricing

You can register for free with Resoomer and summarise text in different ways. You can paste it from your documents or provide a URL for a summary of a web page. You will need to create an account to get the results but you do not have to pay or give card details to see them.
This gives you an idea of the quality of Resoomer’s output, but the real strength of the AI tools comes from the features provided with a PRO account. These give you the full set of options to refine your summaries, export them, listen to them, and more.

Is it good for learning?

Resoomer is an effective AI tool that supports a mix of productivity and learning, making it useful for teachers and students.

  • Teachers can use Resoomer to streamline documents for lesson resources and refresh their knowledge as part of their preparation
  • Students can speed up their research and reading to focus on the most relevant and helpful sources.

We are reviewing Resoomer PRO, which does not display ads. The website for non-subscribers to Resoomer PRO displays ads from an advertising network. Resoomer PRO is ad-free.

Resoomer PRO uses OpenAI services to process the summaries while keeping user details anonymous. Any data included in the documents will, by necessity, be processed by the OpenAI technology.

The Pros of using Resoomer

  • Effective summarisation tools promote efficient understanding
  • Speeds up access to key knowledge
  • Easy to use automatic summarisation or use manual options for greater refinement
  • Accessibility benefits from narration
  • Multiple account feature is effective for school use

Benefits for students

The highest grades for student assignments come not from rewording existing material but from merging and synthesising ideas across various sources. Finding the right material is time-consuming and doesn’t necessarily contribute to learning.

Resoomer’s summarisation features across multiple formats lets students quickly find sources of relevant material, check it for reliability and then use it to form their conclusions and arguments. The more time students have on this latter part, the better the grades they will achieve. Their learning will also have a robust foundation because it will be formed of material with high relevance.

Benefits for teachers

Resoomer’s features will translate into huge time-saving benefits for teachers. Teachers already know their subjects but need a few memory joggers to ensure they hit each topic's key points—Resoomer’s highlighted summaries will make this preparation much quicker.

Even older resources such as paper-based books or text-heavy student handouts are more convenient when you ask Resoomer to summarise the text from an image.

Teachers may sometimes deal with long reports which contain sensitive or confidential information. Resoomer is very effective at getting these to the point under consideration, allowing more time for educationalists and care workers to implement their support.

Resoomer states that it has a commitment to confidentiality and that all documents you upload are secure and encrypted. As with all tools and platforms, such policies have to be taken on trust. Everybody using the service with sensitive documents should ensure that their school or institution’s policies allow the use.


  • Unexpected behaviour when you require paraphrasing.
  • New users might find it difficult to find where to log in to Resoomer

Final Verdict: Resoomer Review

General AI tools, like ChatGPT, can be very flexible, but that can lead to inefficiency. Those tools can summarise text, but to get to the required information can take as much time crafting prompts as it would have taken to read the source material. The strength of Resoomer over other AI tools is that it gives you simple and understandable options to get the output you need.

Resoomer does as it promises by summarising text from many sources into the length and focus you determine. If this is something you often need to do or would have a meaningful impact on your efficiency, you should consider Resoomer. It is a five-star app with clear applications for teachers and students.

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