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About ReadWriteThink

ReadWriteThink is an online resource that contains lessons, interactive activities, printables, and an app to help kids improve their reading and writing skills.

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The site is organized into the sections Classroom Resources, Professional Development, Videos, and Parent & Afterschool Resources. Each heading contains hundreds of unit plans, lesson plans, and activities, each divided by subject, learning objective, and grade level. While ReadWriteThink is focused primarily on language arts, materials for science, math, history, and life skills can be found here as well. There are also over 50 interactives or Flash-based games and widgets for kids, everything from a "Book Cover Creator" to a "Theme Poems" game and more. Interactives can also be saved in case it takes a student more than one class period to finish. Lastly, a literacy calendar makes it easy to find important events in literary history, authors' birthdays, and different holidays (with resources attached to them) to make these special days relevant to students.

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