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About Q-files

Q-files is a web-based collection of 2000+ articles written for kids between 7 and 13. The articles cover many subjects, including math, history, science, and general interest. It forms an engaging, accurate, and good-value web-based encyclopaedia with all of its content verified by experts in the field.

The web app works on any device. Unusually, it looks at its best when viewed on a portrait-oriented screen but is usable on any. You can use Q-files for free for thirty days just by visiting the site—no login or account creation.

Q-files Review

What is Q-files?

Q-files is a kid-friendly collection of over 2,000 articles covering many different topics. It distinguishes itself from other online information by having named experts verify the content for accuracy. This quality assurance makes the Q-files content safer and more reliable than other online sources.

The articles include richly-drawn illustrations, photographs, and diagrams; some have accompanying quizzes and videos.

The app's terms and conditions let subscribing teachers and students use the images and text in their projects and teaching materials.

Subscribers can access the material on any device with a web browser.

What we love about Q-files 

There is a lot of misinformation and poorly researched articles on the web. Q-files provides over 2,000 easy-to-read articles verified by experts. Its terms and conditions are perfect for education as they let kids and teachers use the contents for lesson materials and projects.

Many apps and learning sites leave 'expert' as an undefined term concerning their content. It is reassuring that Q-files names its consultants who have read and verified the articles. They are all accomplished and reputable in their fields.

The Q-files articles cover many topics kids will learn about at school or which they might want to read for personal interest. They provide a much more consistent and reliable source of knowledge than a general web search or use of Wikipedia. The articles include high-quality and relevant images to help understand the content and make it more engaging.

The quizzes are simple multiple-choice quizzes, but they help focus kids on the reading material so they understand and remember it. The chance of getting 100% will motivate some kids to read about more topics.

What skills does it teach?

Q-files has reference material, including text, videos, photographs, diagrams and articles covering prehistory, history, culture, space, technology, science, math, life and the earth. Each of these includes many sub-topics.

What age is it appropriate for?

All of the content in Q-files is similar to what you might find in reference books for kids between 7 and 13. A section called Let's Explore is dedicated to kids at the younger end of the range.

Is Q-files easy to use?

Q-files presents its content through a simple-to-use website. It is easy to browse by going through the hierarchy of the subject until you find an interesting or relevant article. There is also a dedicated search bar to go directly to an article.

How will students benefit?

Research shows kids read more when they have a choice over their material. Q-files provides a lot of options. It is an excellent site for anyone to browse through the articles following their interests and learning about new topics.

Kids will find the site a fascinating place to browse and a time-saving tool when they complete homework or carry out projects.

How will parents benefit?

Q-files would be a valuable resource for homeschooling parents as it provides an instant reference library of high-quality and accurate information. It will give kids a safe environment to pursue their interests and learn independently.

The price for home use is low and, compared to buying individual books, will be cost-effective and responsive to changing learning needs.

For similar reasons, the site will also be beneficial to support kids who attend school. It will become a well-used resource for completing homework.

How will teachers benefit?

Schools with access to Q-files can reduce their kids' reliance on web-based resources, which might lead to content you'd rather they didn't visit. The barrier of logging in with an email and password is avoidable by requesting a custom URL. A school subscription gives kids access to the service at home and school.

The terms and conditions of Q-files allow teachers at subscribing schools to use the text and images within their lesson materials. Instead of searching for a clear and helpful diagram or illustration, teachers should use Q-files's content to bring visual clarity to the presentations and explanations.

How much does Q-files cost?

You can visit Q-files right now and get access to it for 30 days without even creating an account. After this free trial, it has a low-priced monthly rate for home use. Schools pay a low rate per student.

Is Q-files safe to use?

Q-files is KidSafe certified. It does not show advertisements at any time, even during the free trial period. There are no in-app purchases, and the app does not ask for any details.

What can Q-files improve on?

It is tough to find fault in any app that contains such a wealth of high-quality information at such a compelling price. It already has 2,000+ articles, and we'd like more of a similar high quality.

The website is perfectly usable on all devices, but it looks best in portrait mode and could do with some tweaks to make its main menu use the available space a little better on a landscape screen. This is a minor concern, though.

Overall rating 

Q-files is an impressive learning resource for its quality and flexibility. Some apps are great for kids to use for reference, and others help teachers prepare their lessons, but Q-files does both. At such a low price for ongoing access to expert-verified, kid-friendly articles, we recommend Q-files to parents and teachers. Q-files is a five-star app.

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