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About Purple Mash

Purple Mash is an online collection of creative thinking lessons and activities that teachers can assign to students as solo or group projects. The platform is vibrant, active, and full of ideas. Drawing, playing games, filming movies, making animations or games, coding, and skill-building activities are some of the creative, hands-on elements included in the projects. There's also a Mini-Mash version for younger children that focuses on activities that will help them get ready for school.

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Purple Mash Review

What do we like about Purple Mash?

Both guided and individual learning are encouraged with effective feedback mechanisms and a plethora of ready-to-start creative activities. Purple Mash is an excellent choice for children since activities can be tailored to their learning preferences, requirements, and interests. Their dashboards are filled with age-appropriate activities, and the range of things kids can do without leaving the site keeps them occupied. Many of the activities include built-in scaffolding, allowing children to start at their own pace and progress as their skills and confidence grow.

What skills does it improve?

Students can share and collaborate on their work, and the site's blend of creative exercises, skill-based games, and maker-style alternatives foster the development of a wide range of skills. As long as teachers vary it up, there's no shortage of activities to challenge children and keep their attention.

What age is it appropriate for?

Purple Mash is appropriate for students of Pre K-6. 

Is Purple mash free?

Purple Mash is free to try and also has subscription plans. 

Is Purple Mash easy to use?

It's as simple as a few clicks to assign, but keep in mind that many of these creative tasks will take pupils longer than typical pen-and-paper homework.

How will students benefit?

The student data page offers teachers information that allows them to see how their students are progressing on prescribed subjects and learning objectives. Students can access work assigned by their teachers, work on and submit assignments, and connect with their teachers through the student dashboard. Students might also choose to participate in activities on their own. Students can access activities independently if the teacher has enabled the sharing capability for a particular assignment. There are also additional ways for students to share their work with the rest of their school.

How will teachers benefit?

Purple Mash can be used by teachers to assign or differentiate classwork to all pupils. Students can practise all major topics as well as electives like music and coding thanks to a large number of activity options available. Teachers may use their dashboard to see who is struggling and may require additional help, as well as kids who may require a greater challenge. Assign a 2Do for extra practise in reports, or use extension tasks for students who finish early.

How will parents benefit?

Students will progress from practice and fundamentals to debugging at their own pace as they gain a better understanding of basic coding concepts and language. Allow children to express themselves through storytelling or biographies by putting their faces on a variety of real and created people and then making short stories or interesting information cards.

What can Purple Mash improve on?

Teachers may find it difficult to keep up with what their pupils are doing on this active site, and they are unable to integrate their own courses. Purple Mash could provide a mechanism for teachers to include their own content in their assignments. More language options would also be advantageous. Additionally, some of the game/activity mechanics may feel a little dated from the standpoint of students. Purple Mash, on the other hand, should be on your short list if you need a platform that covers a lot of terrains, collects data, allows for innovation, and receives feedback.

How much does Purple Mash cost?

After the 14 days, a free trial Purple Mash has a paid subscription which costs 450 pounds a year. 

Final thoughts

Student inquiry, social opportunities, and agency are all encouraged through this powerful platform of hands-on creative teaching. It's cloud-based and offers a fun mix of curriculum-focused exercises, creative tools, programmes, and games. A Purple Mash membership includes Mini Mash and the EYFS platform, which can also be purchased separately for EY settings. Serial Mash, a Purple Mash add-on that provides digital fiction books with guided reading materials and activities, is a Purple Mash add-on.

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