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About Popcornflix Kids

Popcornflix Kids is a free movie app that lets you watch free movies away from your computer. A few featured movies scroll across the main page, and you can browse through movies by genre. There's also an area of the app just for new arrivals, the most popular movies at Popcornflix Kids, and Popcornflix originals. You can also add movies to a queue to gather them in one place, even without logging into an account. Movie streaming through Popcornflix works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Amazon Kindle, BlackBerry, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, and Samsung TV.

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Popcornflix Kids Review

What is Popcornflix Kids?

Popcornflix Kids brings you hundreds of amazing Hollywood movies that are not only full-length and family-friendly but FREE (yes, really). It doesn’t require an off-putting subscription service of any sort, nor any fees. So, you can let your children watch their favorite movies again and again completely worry-free.

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