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About PlanbookEdu

PlanbookEdu is an online tool teachers can use to keep track of classes, lessons, and standards. While setting up their Planbook, teachers can indicate how many periods they have in a day and which standards they would like to use (for instance, Common Core, NETS, or individual State Standards). Once an "event" is created within a period, teachers can add text, attach a file, and search for a standard by number or keyword to attach to the event.

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PlanbookEdu Review

PlanbookEdu is one of the most useful online lesson planner that makes it easy for teachers of all grade levels to create, share and print their lesson plans. The use of this tool not only help a teacher to create but also view their plans from any computer having an internet connection.  The other benefits of this tool is that, teachers can also attach their homework or lesson materials directly in a student plan and access it anytime they wish to do so. And as the common core standards are integrated into the tool, therefore a teacher can quickly tag a standard to a lesson.

PlanbookEdu makes planning for instruction, and the many complicated parts of quality planning, easy for teachers. Planbook is accessible from anywhere and allows professors to create new plans for class from their devices.

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