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About Piktochart

Piktochart is an online tool for creating infographics, presentation slides, reports, flyers, posters, and more, for both print and online audiences.

Piktochart Review

What do we like about Piktochart?

Using the drag-and-drop interface, teachers and students may quickly assemble and present information using charts, graphs, text, and built-in graphics. Additionally, students can upload and use their own files. Piktochart definitely lends itself to student use, despite the fact that much of the power is only available to Pro users. Piktochart is often intended for professionals in the workplace preparing business presentations.

What skills does it improve?

It is possible to enhance subjects and skills in the arts, communication and teamwork, creativity, and college and career preparation. Excellent for creating media, assessing media, and presenting.

What age is it appropriate for?

Piktochart is appropriate for students in grades 7-12. 

Is Piktochart free?

Piktochart is free to try and needs a subscription to move further. It is available in all browsers of Windows and Mac. 

Is Piktochart easy to use?

Students will be inspired once they realise how slick and expert their own study looks thanks to Piktochart templates, which are designed to work effectively with all forms of data and other types of information. It's not too tough to create truly excellent infographics with Piktochart's amazing design, which features contemporary, endearing icons and fonts.

Nevertheless, people who are new to online creation might wish to watch a few of the instructional films before getting started. There are a few dozen video lessons, some of which are in Spanish, that show people how to use Piktochart. Additionally, there is a searchable knowledge base and a tonne of blog pieces with helpful design advice.

How will students benefit?

Students can choose from hundreds of templates to use as a starting point before adding their own information, or they can start from scratch and customise the size of their canvas. A marketing strategy, a product presentation, a minimalist infographic, a party flyer, a checklist, a sales flyer, social media posts, and more template possibilities are available. 

It can be enjoyable to organise and share information with the help of Piktochart's library of icons, pictures, typefaces, global maps, charts, and other graphic tools. Subject categories for icons and images include people, forms, entertainment, and education. Students may include moving icons, photos, movies, interactive charts, and more. Mini spreadsheets are used as the foundation for charts and graphs, allowing students to add new data and change labels and other information. 

Using Piktochart, students can gain knowledge of grouping, charting, and visually expressing information. They will analyse data while putting together a visual, and they will then produce a combination of text, photos, charts, and graphs to share with others. They are simple to incorporate for students into projects or reports done in class. Students will gain a better understanding of how other people learn and will be better prepared for future presentations by learning what their audience finds aesthetically appealing. Students can collaborate on presentations and projects by using team accounts.

How will teachers benefit?

Both techniques are used in the classroom with Piktochart. It is a resource that you, the teacher, can utilise for presentations in class and in your own lesson plans. The material can actually be broken down into digestible portions when used properly, and kids should enjoy the slick design. 

The judicial branch organisation can be explained to classmates by history majors, or they can make a chronology of World War II. Piktochart can be used in English classrooms to diagram the storyline or character sketches of a novel, and it is simple to incorporate art and design studies into the curriculum.

How will parents benefit?

Students that are tech- and design-savvy will take to this well-designed, moderately simple-to-use application right away. Students may quickly and simply create infographics that appear professional with only a few clicks thanks to the excellent design quality and motivational templates.

What can Piktochart improve on?

The free account has a lot of restrictions; you'll need a Pro account to perform anything beyond the bare minimum.

How much does Piktochart cost?

Piktochart cost $19 a month. 

Final thoughts

Piktochart is a cloud-based visual content creator that can be used to build presentations, infographics, reports, graphics for social media, and more. It can also be used to repurpose films for usage on social media. Professionals from a variety of fields, such as human resources, marketing, finance, healthcare, non-profit, and education, can use this comprehensive solution. In addition to a built-in library of visuals, templates, and design elements, Piktochart includes capabilities for customising brands.

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