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About Pianote

Pianote is an online piano teaching platform that offers a comprehensive curriculum for students. It is particularly useful for beginners and intermediates looking for an effective way to quickly improve their playing. The program is facilitated by a variety of instructors, so you can pick and choose what you want.

Pianote Review

Pianote is a video-based platform, but it manages to be so much more than just a library of organized video lessons, in large part due to the teachers.

What do we like about Pianote?

The platform Pianote is incredibly excellent, with committed teachers that provide in-depth courses. For intermediate and beginning piano players, in particular, it is helpful. It's simple to get to and a fantastic location for piano instruction. For what it offers, it's also surprisingly reasonable.

What skills does it improve?

The Pianote Method portion is an excellent place to start because it provides a well-organized, 10-level course that you can work through and monitor your progress in. In addition to being helpful for intermediates who want a refresher, this is ideal for novices.

Is Pianote free?

Pianote is available for free to download on all Android and iOS devices.

Is Pianote easy to use?

Students can watch live lessons on Pianote to learn specifics. Other students can be virtually introduced to and engaged with there as well. The features that distinguish Pianote from other online video classes include a student focus section, frequent live sessions, and a podcast. You can monitor your timetable as you begin and go along. For variety and to break up the monotony of traditional lectures, there are also a lot of brief tip lessons offered.

How will students benefit?

Pianote provides thousands of video lessons as well as specific programmes for different genres and approaches. To gain feedback from a teacher, you can send in a video of yourself performing the piano. Along with a tonne of additional content, live Q&A sessions are also included with the subscription. Pianote is extremely well-designed and compatible with mobile and online browsers, allowing you to continue where you left off between devices.

The platform's music section, where there are more than a hundred video instructions on how to play specific songs at various levels, is really useful. Additionally, they have printable sheet music for these songs. Though there are just a few hundred music tutorials accessible, they are of excellent quality.

Step-by-step video courses with many lessons are available in Pianote and are focused on various ability levels. You can select an instructor, your level of experience, and the particular subjects you wish to work on when you filter results.

Different musical genres, techniques, and even lessons in song writing and composition are covered. This assists in narrowing the search because, after going through the fundamentals, you might wish to move on to more focused topics.

What can Pianote improve on?

Pianote has no immediate feedback on student review submissions and it has a relatively small song library.

How much does Pianote cost?

Pianote is available at the cost of $16.42.

Final thoughts

To put it mildly, the vibe on this entire platform is warm and welcoming. For beginners seeking a complete approach to get playing right away, Pianote is unquestionably worthwhile. It would also be quite helpful for intermediate players who feel that their growth has reached a plateau and who require some fresh challenges and attention.

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