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About Petralingua

PetraLingua is a language learning program to help teach kids a second language. PetraLingua is available on iOS, Android and accessible via any web browser on all devices.

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Petralingua Review

Petralingua is an online platform that offers you everything you need if you’re beginning to learn the language. It offers realistic lessons that teach kids the fundamentals of language terminology. The Petralingua French for kids language programme includes 21 lessons, 11 kid-friendly French songs, 80 kid-friendly animated French videos, 140 kid-friendly interactive French exercises, 500 kid-friendly basic French words with a picture dictionary, and a French activity book, and flashcards that can be downloaded.

What do we like about Petralingua?

PetraLingua has skillfully designed these incredible interactive lessons with children's inherent desire to learn in mind. Lessons include entertaining and humorous films, stories, activities, and songs with interesting characters. Kids are eagerly anticipating to find out what is within the magic ball that has captured their attention.

What skills does it improve?

Both at home and at school, technology and the internet have a significant impact on the lives of our kids. This is taken into account in the PetraLingua lessons, which makes it much simpler to obtain these excellent lessons without having to pay for pricey classes. The PetraLingua lessons would also be an excellent resource for adults or children who are learning other languages. The website also runs on iPad, iPhones, Android tablets, and other phones, turning them into fantastic portable learning tools.

What age is it appropriate for?

For children ages 3 to 10, PetraLingua offers specially created multimedia online language classes. The lessons are made to teach the fundamentals of Chinese, Russian, Spanish, German, French, and English!

Is Petralingua free?

Petralingua offers a free trial as well as subscriptions.

Is Petralingua easy to use?

Kids find it quite simple to navigate the PetraLingua website. They have no issues navigating the website from lesson to lesson. To aid youngsters in following the progression of their courses, all sessions are adequately supported with visual graphics/pictures and aural cues.

How will students benefit?

Lessons from PetraLingua are created utilising a variety of ideas and methodologies that accommodate a wide range of learning preferences. Not all children learn best when exposed to one main stimulus; instead, they learn best when exposed to a variety of learning opportunities or ones that appeal to them specifically. For instance, in addition to the interactive videos and exercises found in the PetraLingua classes, kids can use an Audio Picture Dictionary to aid with their learning. The audio dictionary is a powerful tool to help to learn using other tactics because it places a greater emphasis on repetition and memorization of the spoken word.

How will teachers benefit?

Three to 10-year-olds are the target audience for PetraLingua. Songs, films, games, activity books, and other materials like a talking image dictionary are all included in the courses. Numerous activities are participatory because everything is made to be enjoyable, eye-catching, and interesting.

How will parents benefit?

Children are encouraged to utilise all of their senses to learn new languages by using real-world scenarios, movies, songs, and interactive games. Through 140 engaging lessons, 500 fundamental words are taught using 20 familiar topics that kids need to learn. The first part of the course teaches kids how to introduce themselves, after which they learn about the times of day, how to welcome others, and how to name objects.

What can Petralingua improve on?

Petralingua is a full pack of language learning options but it is restricted to some languages. 

How much does Petralingua cost?

Each language costs $7.99/month. You can save money by paying in advance for three, six, or 12 months.

Final thoughts

Friends, family, colours, alphabet letters, counting, and a child's bedroom are just a few of the themes covered in the PetraLingua classes. The majority of these subjects are connected to kids' lives and common, everyday issues. This is critical for inspiring interest in learning new topics and motivating learners.

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