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About PDF Converter OCR

Cisdem PDF extends your control over the PDFs you receive and create. It provides tools to combine, scan, and convert PDFs with other popular file formats. It includes a batch converter for more efficiently dealing with multiple files.

Cisdem PDF is a downloadable Mac and Windows app that works on every Windows version going back to Windows 7. This review of Cisdem PDF used it installed on a Windows 11 PC.

PDF Converter OCR Review

What is Cisdem PDF app?

Cisdem PDF gives you the tools to use PDFs more effectively. The app's powerful conversion and scanning tools let you overcome the key disadvantages of the PDF format, such as limited editing and accessibility features.

What we love about Cisdem PDF app.

The answers to the following will help you understand why we consider Cisdem PDF a valuable tool.

Why might you need to convert a file to PDF?

PDFs are very portable (that's what the P represents). Every device has an app that can open a PDF file, often directly in the browser. Not only will they open the file, but you can rely on it looking essentially the same for everyone. There might be minor differences in spacing and styles, but these tend to be noticeable only when you compare the PDF in different apps side by side.

Why might you need to convert a file from PDF?

PDFs look the same on every device, but they have limitations. Combining and splitting files is not a feature of most PDF reader software, and editing PDF content and formatting is awkward even with PDF editors.

Anyone who uses accessibility apps will also point out the PDF format's shortcomings. Screen readers struggle with many aspects of PDFs, especially the flow of text, so they can misrepresent the information by reading it in the wrong order.

How does Cisdem PDF help with converting from PDF?

Cisdem works with many popular formats, including Microsoft Office, iWork, images, and ePub.These have their advantages too. For example, ePub works well with screen readers, and Microsoft Word files are easily editable.

CIsdem converts the files from PDF using optical character recognition (OCR). This feature is crucial because it is difficult to tell from a PDF whether the text is image-based or still in a text format. OCR treats them both the same.

If you've used any form of OCR before, you'll know it isn't always flawless. Non-typical letter styles, blemishes in an image and other noise can cause misreading. It may also be the case with Cisdem PDF, but in the tests we ran during this review, it produced excellent results. We'd expect any inaccuracies to be easily fixable in the final conversion—certainly much quicker than creating it from scratch.

You can also improve the final output by providing extra guidance for the conversion process. Telling the app which sections are tables, texts, images, etc., helps the app make the correct formatting decisions for the conversion.

The conversion process is quick enough to try several approaches to determine the best results.

How does Cisdem PDF help with converting to PDF?

Many document creation apps have an export to PDF option, so you might wonder why you could need to convert to PDF.

Compatibility and consistency are two reasons. PDF is a defined standard, but not all apps follow it precisely, which is why you can sometimes find differences. Occasionally it can even break a file for a particular combination of devices and apps. Cisdem PDF states that its PDF output is 100% industry-standard. 

The variables for testing this claim are too great to asses and provide a definite conclusion, but as a dedicated PDF app, its reputation rides on getting this right in a way that it does not for general software.

You also have more options with Ciscem PDF. You can export a PDF from another app, but it won't combine its output with the PDF from a different source app. You can use Cisdem PDF to create a more coherent document, even with pages created in various apps.

What skills does it teach?

Converting and editing PDFs are not directly educational activities, but tools that facilitate them are helpful for teachers preparing lessons and teaching aids and students for preparing assignments or study materials.

What age is it appropriate for?

There is no content within Cisdem inappropriate for kids, but the tools will be best suited to older students and adults.

Is Cisdem PDF app easy to use?

Cisdem PDF has a business-like and efficient appearance and workflow. The tasks you carry out with this app begin with dragging the source files into the app, selecting the options you need, and then clicking create.

How will students benefit?

Students receive a lot of digital learning material. It can become overwhelming, and they might often only want certain sections of each one to use in conjunction with another. With physical resources in the past, they could copy, paste, and rearrange pages to create custom study guides. PDFs have many advantages over paper, but they lose out in this regard.

Cisdem lets students use PDFs and other files in a very similar way. They can combine, merge, and rearrange material from many sources into one document relevant to them and then convert it into a PDF they can access wherever they are.

How will parents benefit?

Cisdem PDF's benefits to parents may not be linked to education for parents, but most of us have occasion to receive, make, or send PDFs. A reliable PDF app like Cisdem PDF on a family computer will likely see use from every family member at some point.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers increasingly create, share, and distribute digital files. Whether they are for students to download learning material from an LMS, collaborate on planning with colleagues, or archive data, they need consistency and reliability.

Kids who can't open or access learning materials can't complete homework. Unclear or unopenable files can waste colleagues' precious planning time. If data is important enough to archive, it is reasonable to assume that it is worth ensuring it will be accessible in the future.

Cisdem PDF lends teachers confidence that their files can be used for the purposes for which they have been created.

What can Cisdem PDF app improve on?

The support pages for this app could use some more proofreading to catch awkward phrasing and typos. They are understandable on the whole, but clarity is a valuable feature in any app's support material.

How much does Cisdem PDF app cost?

You can download and install Cisdem PDF for free. The free trial has a limited page count for conversions and an overall limit of 14 days. This trial gives you everything you need to assess the app's suitability.

Cisdem offers product licences for individuals and businesses. The individual licenses are per PC, but you can buy a double pack to cover two computers or a family pack for up to five. Each purchase fully unlocks the product and covers its lifetime. No future payments are required for that version of Cisdem.

Business licences follow a similar structure but cost a little more.

Academic institutions and schools can apply for a 20% discount by contacting the publisher.

If you already have a different product from the same publisher, you can request a discount for your Cisdem PDF license.

Licences are not transferable between Mac and Windows, but you can redeploy them to a different computer using the same operating system.

All options come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Is Cisdem PDF app safe to use?

There are no advertisements in Cisdem PDF during the free trial. The app does not contain any content.

There was no privacy or data policy on the app's website or within the app.

Some PDF conversion apps use cloud-based processing for some parts of the process. Without a privacy or data policy, it is impossible to rule out that the app might use some processing external to the user's device.

Overall rating of the app.

PDF tools don't excite our sense of creativity like productivity software, but they can be the difference between producing a usable file or not. Cisdem PDF has a very clear set of features, and during this review, we found that it performed well in each one. Consider its tools and think about how much time they would have saved you in the past or the extra utility you could have gained with them. 

Download the trial and see if this five-star app could improve your efficiency and digital document handling.

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