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About PDF Candy

PDF Candy is an app to create, edit, convert and manipulate pdf files. As a web app, it is accessible on any device with a browser. There is also a PDF Candy desktop app compatible with Windows computers, offering extra features and full offline access for those who choose a supporting plan.

PDF Candy has a trial plan with limited features for users to try the service. The complete toolset is available through two subscription plans or a one-off purchase for the lifetime plan, including the desktop app. This review of PDF Candy used the monthly premium plan.

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PDF Candy Review

What is PDF Candy app?

Apps that give you the tools to edit PDFs exist in a competitive space, meaning that consumers can choose the app that works in the way that best suits them. PDF Candy has an approach that could work well for teachers, schools, and general users.

PDF Candy:

  • Is web-based for flexibility and compatibility
  • Separates PDF-based tasks into separate mini-app toolsets
  • Offers a monthly subscription for occasional users
  • Offers an annual or lifetime subscription for frequent users
  • Converts files from pdf to many files types, including MS Office files and images
  • Converts files to pdf from many file types, including MS Office files, HTML, images, and eBook files

What we love about PDF Candy app.

PDF files are incredibly useful as you can be sure whoever you send one to will be able to view it. Teachers need to know that if they put a file on their school’s learning platform, their students can access them. If they share a planning document with colleagues, they don’t want to have to check on the best format to use.

PDF is an export format in many other apps which work to give you single pages but can make building a full document difficult. Importing is less satisfactory in those apps, and many will struggle to let you work effectively with files imported as a pdf. A dedicated pdf app is worth having for the ease and time it can save when working with pdf files. We found PDF Candy an effective and easy pdf platform to use.

For some users, PDF Candy’s deletion of files after two hours might be an annoyance, but we found it a benefit for school use. You can save the file to your chosen cloud-based secure account or locally to your device without worrying about copies remaining in the app.

PDF Candy makes the most of the web platform by splitting its services into discrete sections rather than a single monolithic app, as with its Adobe-owned competition. Teachers, parents and students might need to work with pdf files often enough to need a dedicated app but not so repeatedly that they can become familiar with a complex app.

Users of PDF Candy can familiarise themselves with how to complete the tasks they most often need, such as merging or editing files. The tools required less often will still be there should they be needed but not complicate the process in the meantime.

What skills does it teach?

PDF Candy is a pdf tool for editing, merging, compressing and converting pdf files. It does not directly teach any knowledge or skills but can support teachers in creating resources and professional documents. Students may also require its features to prepare projects or organise lesson notes.

What age is it appropriate for?

PDF Candy is a general productivity app. Many kids could use the app to carry out the tasks they are most likely to need, such as editing pdf files or merging them, but they may need some support.

Is PDF Candy app easy to use?

PDF Candy splits its tools into discrete web apps, all available under the same account. This approach is user-friendly as users choose the general-purpose task they want to complete and only see the relevant options. This separation of toolsets prevents users from becoming confused by too many choices that are not helpful for their task.

Each task is easy to complete, and the options are logically named and displayed. Uploading files is straightforward, either by selecting them from a cloud account or dragging and dropping them into PDF Candy.

PDF Candy has a superb selection of how-to guides on its website that cover everything you might want to do in a clear and well-illustrated format.

How will students benefit?

The free tier of this app is limited but may be enough for students who only need to make limited or occasional use of a pdf editor.

Students will benefit from their teachers having a good pdf editor like PDF Candy as it will mean they receive pdf files in a more readily usable format. Rather than sending lots of single pages, teachers can merge their lesson resources into a logical order for kids to follow.

How will parents benefit?

A PDF editor can be a helpful family app, as most people need one occasionally. Parents can use PDF Candy to help with family and work documents, while their kids can use it to organise their school work and revision notes.

How will teachers benefit?

A web-based toolset is often the most convenient format for schools to use. School IT support does not have to worry about updates or ensuring it is accessible on everyone’s device or computer. As teachers often carry out much of their planning and preparation at home, cloud-based ensures they don’t have to worry about which devices they have with them at school. PDF Candy integrates well with two of the most popular cloud storage platforms, DropBox and Google Drive.

How much does PDF Candy app cost?

You can use a limited version of PDF Candy for free. It restricts how many files you can work with and bulk processing, but it is enough to try out the tools and may be as much as very occasional users, such as kids, might need.

You have three options to access the complete toolset of PDF Candy. Monthly web access would be the most expensive long-term option, but if you only need to work with pdf files intermittently, it could be perfect for you as you can cancel it anytime.

The yearly web option is much better value for frequent users as it is discounted significantly over the monthly choice. The final option is a single purchase for lifetime use of the current PDF Candy tools.

This option is called the desktop and web lifetime plan. As well as full access to PDF Candy, as with the other plans, you gain access to the Windows desktop app, which can be useful if you don’t have access to the web. On some computers, it may be more performant than browser-based apps.

This option also means you don’t have any more to pay, which, as well as being better value, in the long run, can be helpful for budgeting.

Each license to PDF Candy is for a single user. The app’s supporting website does not indicate if volume licensing for schools is available.

Is PDF Candy app safe to use?

PDF Candy could be the app for you if you don’t wish to add another cloud storage platform to those you already have as discrete services or accompanying other apps.

While a lack of a feature is not always an advantage, it could be in this case. PDF Candy deletes any file you upload two hours after you finish using it. You won’t have to worry about holding personal or confidential documents in various places.

This could make PDF Candy more compatible with your school policies than its competitors, which store files in a bespoke-cloud storage account.

PDF Candy does not display advertisements, and as a file creation and editing platform, it does not provide its any content.

What can PDF Candy app improve on?

Remember that the lifetime desktop license for PDF Candy will only work for Windows. If you are a Mac user, stick to the web-based licences. This omission could be a bit disappointing for Mac users who find the web app perfect for their needs but would also like the flexibility of a desktop version.

Overall rating of the app.

We found PDF Candy to be a robust and easy-to-use app for anyone who might need to take pdf files further than those exported from other apps. Rather than work around the limitations of those export options, we recommend you see how much easier a dedicated PDF app can make your workflow, and PDF Candy is an excellent place to start.

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