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About MyTutor

MyTutor is an online tuition platform with a mission to make life-changing tuition accessible for all. 

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MyTutor Review

MyTutor is an online tuition platform with a mission to make life-changing tuition accessible for all.

What do we like about My Tutor?

With sessions tailored to their learning gaps, the online platform My Tutor helps pair each student with the tutor most qualified to make them shine. Additionally, because they are delivered online, they are adaptable and easily fit into the schedules of each of your students.

What skills does it improve?

It functions by employing student tutors from the best institutions in the nation, with the goal of serving as both a high-quality educational service and a means for students to earn money while attending college. It offers a variety of amenities, including an interactive classroom with a whiteboard for demonstrations, a large selection of instructors, and the option to meet tutors via video conference for free before you hire them for lessons.

What age is it appropriate for?

MyTutor is appropriate for students between the ages of 8 to 18. 

Is My Tutor free?

MyTutor can be accessed on all browsers of Windows and Mac. 

Is My Tutor easy to use?

The MyTutor website is well designed with vibrant images and concise, sharp writing. Although there are a few curiously blank areas, like the about us page, it is generally simple to navigate, with only a few buttons. 

How will students benefit?

For students taking GCSE, A-Level, or university admission exams, MyTutor offers private tutoring. MyTutor also collaborates with partner schools to support kids who need one-on-one tutoring but are having academic difficulties. The interactive classroom software that MyTutor offers is quite typical, and it also includes the option to record sessions for later use. Additionally, their website offers a few study aids, such as 10,000 free study notes to help with revision and a helpful blog for parents with posts on how to support their teenagers during exam stress.

How will teachers benefit?

Tutors have the opportunity to help students learn and acquire knowledge. 

How will parents benefit?

Before scheduling classes with a teacher, you can meet with them for free. Numerous instructors assist with GCSE, A-level, and university admission exams. Younger tutors who are more able to understand teens and the challenges of taking GCSE/A-level exams. No enrollment or subscription costs are required.

Program for school partnerships to assist students having academic difficulties. There are extensive collections of study materials, manuals, and a parent's blog with useful advice on managing exam stress and supporting kids taking important examinations.

What can My Tutor improve on?

There is little support for other UK curricula in most courses, which are primarily centred on the English educational system. Since tutors are frequently undergraduate university students, they lack the training and expertise necessary to clarify complex ideas.

How much does it cost?

MyTutor is available at the cost of $22 per hour. 

Final thoughts

One of the most reputable and well-known tutoring services in the UK, MyTutor offers one-on-one instruction to students all throughout the nation. Each instructor in MyTutor's pool has attended a UK university, ensuring that they are very aware of the academic requirements for British children. They are all ready to provide youngsters with one-on-one learning support. 

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