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About Mystery Science

Mystery Science is an educational website that provides ready-made science mysteries for elementary school students.

Mystery Science Review

Mystery Science is a web-based Elementary science curriculum that meets the Next Generation Science Standards. You can follow their suggested topic schedule, or just work through them at your own pace based on interest.

Mystery Science is a science website for primary kids, that offers science units that are inquiry-based and video-based. Every video lecture begins with a question that students frequently ask. A possible experiment that the class can conduct is followed by more videos and discussion questions. From five-minute mini-classes to 45- to 60-minute long full lessons are available. 

What do we like about Mystery Science?

Numerous subjects are covered in the instructional material, such as motion, biodiversity, engineering, and climate science. It is simple to share lessons via a link or learning management system, and many classes have been modified for distant learning (LMS). With standard crosswalks offered for states and provinces that apply their own science standards, all lessons are in line with the Next Generation Science Standards.

With a complete easy-to-follow curriculum and an ever-growing and improving library of content, both students and teachers will love exploring the mysteries of the universe.

This website is meant to help teachers with their science lesson plans, but older kids will love to peruse the videos and information that they can access here. You can sign up for free access for a limited time.

Kids will love the science videos about topics like “What kinds of animals might there be int the future” and “Why do dogs wag their tails?”


Well-designed lessons help teachers deliver top-quality instruction with just minutes of prep.


Subscriptions primarily aimed at schools/districts rather than individuals.

What skills does it improve?

Mystery Science enhances the skills of Science, character & SEL, and critical thought.

What age is it appropriate for?

Mystery Science is appropriate for grades K-5.

Is Mystery Science free?

Mystery Science is available free of cost and is in all browsers of Windows.

Is Mystery Science easy to use?

The amazing scientific facts in Mystery Science aren't merely thrown together at random. Each illustration is closely related to the unit's leading questions and major concepts. The video's peppy narrator makes kids smile and laugh, especially when he mimics their surprise. Younger children are frequently given the chance to get up and walk around during lessons—for instance, to eat like a gopher or to move like a shadow.

How will students benefit?

Building on the concepts they acquire in each course, students engage in science in a real way. Videos that include examples, materials lists, and worksheets for download guide students through each experiment. Be aware that Mystery Science also offers five-minute movies that are shorter and come with mini-lesson-style writing prompts. By submitting their own questions to Mystery Science and voting on the questions that will be addressed the following week, students can have an impact on future sessions. Mini-lessons are excellent for enhancing nonfiction writing or for distributing to students who are interested in an independent study.

Students have many opportunities to pause and consider frequently posed questions. As they see fascinating video clips, such as one in which a mouse is consumed by a plant, be ready for students to be shocked, disgusted, and enthralled. The combination of classroom experiments with instructional videos is one of Mystery Science's greatest advantages.

How will teachers benefit?

Experiment supplies are typical kitchen and classroom supplies, but schools can make it even simpler for teachers by obtaining Mystery Packs, which are prepackaged supply kits. Both students and teachers will enjoy delving into the universe's wonders thanks to a comprehensive, simple-to-follow curriculum and an ever-expanding library of content.

What can Mystery Science improve on?

Subscriptions are largely intended for districts or schools rather than for individuals.

How much does Mystery Science cost?

Mystery Science cost $99.

Final thoughts

Mystery Science has strong, eccentric scientific lessons that promote experimentation and inquiry, motivating students to ponder and resolve important issues. Lessons that are well-designed enable teachers to give excellent education with minimal preparation time.

If your child is bombarding you with questions, Mystery Science probably has the answers, plus opportunities to learn even more. This website offers everything from quick answer videos to full mini-lessons appropriate for grades K-5. 

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