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MURAL is a virtual collaborative whiteboard that's useful to teachers and students as either a reference tool or an interactive workspace, with everything stored securely in the cloud. All users have space for both private and open rooms in which to create murals; private rooms contain murals viewable only to the user, and open rooms feature murals to which other users are contributing.

MURAL is a website of the virtual collaborative whiteboard that's useful to teachers and students as either a reference tool or an interactive workspace, with everything stored securely in the cloud.

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MURAL Review

What do we like about Mural for Education?


It's enjoyable and simple to use, allowing students to exert creative flexibility and add a visual component to their studies or assignments. Confident team members can readily communicate with reserved students, remote workers, and other team members. 

What skills does it improve?


A flexible framework for carrying out tasks or implementing instruction. Students can participate in class discussions, work together with peers, and create their own creative visual resources.

What age is it appropriate for?


Mural for Education is appropriate for students in grades K-12 and is available in all browsers of Windows. 

Is Mural for Education free?


Mural for education is free to try. 

Is Mural for Education easy to use?


For teachers and students in the public school system, MURAL for Education offers a free beginning account, making it a simple alternative for delivering lessons, encouraging collaboration, and assigning graphically oriented exercises, it's also perfect for remote learning or a flipped classroom. Utilize it as a digital workstation for lesson planning, and when you're ready, share murals with your class. 

How will students benefit?


Students can start with a blank canvas when designing a new mural, one of the numerous stock templates, or one of their own custom templates. Then they can begin adding and changing content, such as writing/drawing, icons, shapes and connectors, text and links on stickies, and so on. The element sizes, colours, and more can all be changed by students. An activity timeline, chat window, and comments window are all features of the user interface that allow comments on elements. 

By simply right-clicking and selecting the option, students can also turn specific mural parts into outline items, which they can then zoom in on by left-clicking on the outline. From the dashboard, students may access all of their rooms and murals. Murals can be downloaded, exported, set as favourites, or saved as new templates. Present material to your students using MURAL, and then afterwards have them work together to create their own murals.

Students can use MURAL on any device during class or on their own time. Additionally, students have the option of creating murals that are either private for their own academic endeavours or public for review by classmates and teachers.

How will teachers benefit?


Students can create their own murals for brainstorming, solo or group project planning, and presentation with the help of teachers who can utilise MURAL as a dynamic approach to convey material, increase class engagement, and promote interaction. You can create your own templates for tasks you perform frequently with MURAL because it is so adaptable. Additionally, it may be integrated with Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and other applications.

What can Mural for Education improve on?


Project boards may get congested, and students may not have access to devices at home.

How much does Mural for Education cost?


Mural for Education cost $9 as the basic plan. 

Final thoughts


In class or online, students can collaborate on projects in an efficient, visual manner. By making idea sharing a quick, visual process, MURAL enables group project collaboration and class presenting from anywhere. There are templates and instructions available to help students and teachers think of ways to use MURAL, in addition, to support incorporated into each component. The website's useful articles and library of previous webinars promote its use. 

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