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About Lexia Core5 Reading

Lexia Core5 Reading is an early literacy programme that uses individualised learning to help pupils develop core reading abilities. Individualized online learning activities, constant progress monitoring, and a library of lessons and materials are all part of the three-part blended-learning approach for data-driven, teacher-led training. The programme focuses on phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and structural analysis, which are all important parts of reading teaching.

Lexia Core5 Reading Review

What do we like about Lexia Core5 Reading?

Lexia Core5 Reading provides a complete and balanced approach to reading training. Teachers obtain useful data on their students' accomplishments and areas for improvement, while students are challenged with individualised, game-based online training. This tool appeals to teachers because it allows them to identify at-risk pupils, forecast future performance, and track improvement without having to stop and formally assess. The warm-up games are a particularly good component of the online activities, which are fairly interesting.

What skills does it improve?

The adaptive programme evaluates kids' reading abilities to establish a baseline and provides teachers with personalised recommendations on how to improve each child's outcomes, including specific areas that each child should concentrate on.

What age is it appropriate for?

The app is appropriate for ages between pre-K-5. 

Is Lexia Core5 Reading free?

Lexia Core5 Reading does not offer a free trial option instead a 72-hour moneyback guaranteed subscription for first-time users. 

Is Lexia Core5 Reading easy to use?

MyLexia's digital and offline resources are effective intervention tools for assisting students in acquiring the skills they require. The site has a huge selection of lesson ideas and accompanying classwork for the whole group, small group, and individual training. Allow students time to work freely and at their own speed, whether in the classroom or at home.

How will students benefit?

Students can use Lexia Core5 Reading at school or at home, progressing through activities and unlocking new levels as they go. The programme has 21 stages, with students moving onto an "adaptive placement experience" at the end of each level, which provides teachers with data to assist customise instruction further.

Reading is designed to be student-driven, so students may track their progress on a simple dashboard and then select activities to focus on. The curriculum features colourful destination-themed animation and activities to enhance engagement and motivation. Students use the dashboard's globe map to visit various destinations and access literacy tasks.

How will teachers benefit?

In my Lexia, teachers may access real-time, actionable data, including predictive data that determines the likelihood of students finishing the year at the proper grade level. Teachers can track student progress and compare it to CCSS, TEKS, or FL BEST standards and grade level objectives using data reports generated by students' activities. Teachers can get suggested action plans and a host of offline, customised educational tools in addition to data reports.

How will parents benefit?

Lexia also provides an instructive step, in which students will receive specific, targeted teaching. MyLexia notifies teachers when students are receiving support in skills and suggests teacher-led classes.

What can Lexia Core5 Reading improve on?

Closed captioning and creative or social play are absent from digital training.

How much does Lexia Core5 Reading cost?

Lexia Core5 Reading cost $175 a year. 

Final thoughts

This is a research-based blended reading platform that helps instructors plan and provide targeted instruction in the classroom while also improving literacy abilities. Students can receive tailored reading education using the Lexia Core5 Reading programme, which is based on diagnostic data. Its blended learning approach balances students' private study with more social, off-campus activities. 

Teachers can use Lexia to supplement literacy education in the classroom and differentiate learning through a variety of activities and games. According to Lexia, it was created with a variety of learners in mind, with the goal of improving their phonemic awareness and phonics so students may progress from "learning to read to reading to learn."

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