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About LearnZillion

LearnZillion is an online database of short video lessons that address learning topics aligned to individual Common Core standards.

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Use LearnZillion to give your students an extra learning boost, to give them review on topics you've covered in class, or even to give them a springboard for new exploration. The lessons cover a wide variety of math and English language arts topics for the K-8 grade span. Experienced teachers create the three- to five-minute videos and lessons, complete with leveled practice problems, anchor texts, and writing prompts. Separate curriculum sets targeting particular topics and grades offer whole lesson plans, teacher hints, background information, and additional guidance, including ready-to-present slide-like presentations that incorporate videos, visuals, and hands-on practice. It's accessible on the web and on iOS and Android tablets.

For kids, the videos feature commentary, extra hints, tricks, and a "try it yourself" segment to help them practice on their own. Multiple-choice quizzes help assess students' learning. When both kids and teachers create accounts, teachers can assign lessons to individual students or to the whole class, see who's completed a lesson, and view students' scores.
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