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About Learnt.ai

Learnt.AI is an AI-driven collection of tools to help teachers and educators create learning content quickly and effectively. The app works as an assistant and collaborator to spark creativity and assist with time-consuming content-creation tasks.

Learnt.AI's tools (well over 50) are available through its web app. You can take advantage of 10 very effective tools for free and access the rest through a subscription.

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Learnt.ai Review

What is Learnt.AI?

Learnt.AI is an artificial intelligence-based platform to help teachers be more productive in less time. You can think of it as an always-available teaching collaborator ready to spark your creativity, complete laborious tasks, and refine your ideas.

The unlocked tools in the free tier include:

  • Poem Generator
  • Scenario-Based Learning Activity
  • Microlearning Builder
  • Lesson Plan Builder
  • Homework Task Generator
  • Creative Writing Prompts
  • Debate Topics
  • Design a course

The premium account, which forms the basis of this Learnt.AI review, has many more, including:

  • AI Resistant Assignments
  • Assessment Rubric Creator
  • Educational Game Ideas
  • Content Rewriter to change the tone
  • Proofreader
  • Video and Audio to text tool
  • Essay, multiple-choice, and short-answer question generators
  • 'Explain it to a child' generators
  • Many more

What we love about Learnt.AI

A common fear of AI is that it replaces humans, but this is one of the more pessimistic interpretations of its role. Rather than take over from people, it could free them from tasks that take time but not skill. It can kickstart ideas for humans to execute and perfect.

This is how Learn.AI works. It can save time, support creativity, and inspire, but it always revolves around teachers' guidance and expertise. It may have been possible for many of its tools to occupy a single ChatBot style tool, but teachers don't want to learn to be prompt engineers or how to coax reliable answers from potentially unreliable sources.

The separate tools, Learn.AI calls them sidekicks, are ready to fulfil their task with minimal set-up beyond telling them what you want in labelled input fields. They provide consistent and helpful material for multiple tasks that will compound to make a real difference to your lesson planning routine.

How much does Learnt.AI cost?

You can subscribe to Learnt.AI for free and use ten of the most popular tools for free. You don't need to enter payment details to access these free tools.

A paid subscription unlocks the full suite of tools and access to customer service. Paying annually offers slightly over a 20% discount over paying monthly.

Is Learnt.AI safe to use?

There are no advertisements in Learnt.AI — including the free tier. Learn.AI is a teacher tool not made for kids, so while we advise caution over giving kids access to generative AI, anything produced by Learn.AI will reach kids via their parents or teachers.

What skills does it teach?

Learn.AI has tools you can adapt to any subject. It can, for example, simplify explanations for any topic. It also has more focused tools, such as those concentrating on poetry.

The input of a teacher or parent is essential for kids to get the best from Learn.AI's output, but it is very much a multi-subject tool.

What age is it appropriate for?

Only adults should use Learn.AI, but its output can be suitable for kids of any age. When teachers instruct Learn.AI to generate material, they can refine it to match ages and abilities.

The material is not only suitable for kids and academic subjects. You can use the Micro-learning Builder and other tools to provide professional development courses for educators and workers in different subjects. The topics can include social and emotional issues and other soft skills.

Is Learnt.AI easy to use?

Each tool in Learnt AI asks for the specific information it needs to create your content, so you don't have to worry about what you need. For example, when you create a lesson using the lesson plan builder, it will ask you for the lesson title, some details about the learners, such as their age and group size, and the lesson duration.

How will students benefit?

When teachers can speed up the laborious part of lesson planning and resource creation, they gain more time to spend on tasks that AI cannot do. This extra time can go into producing more of the interactive and creative activities that teachers and kids love to use, but staff rarely find the time to implement.

How will parents benefit?

Learnt.AI is made for teachers, but it could be an excellent investment for homeschooling parents. They won't have accumulated years worth of material or have teaching colleagues able to share ideas and inspire new approaches.

Learnt.AI can quickly generate the raw learning material so homeschooling parents can refine it to meet their kids' needs.

How will teachers benefit?

The tools and features in Learnt.AI translate into many benefits for teachers.

Time saving. Rather than create supporting text, lists, or even poems, you can get your Learn.AI tools to generate them instantly. Giving them a quick check for suitability is much faster than thinking up and writing them from scratch.

Creativity. Rather than staring at a blank screen or page for inspiration, Learn.AI can get ideas down quickly. You can accept these or refine them.

Inspiration. Sometimes, you may need to describe something in more straightforward language but can't think how to do it. Learnt.AI could help you think about it from a different perspective to make your knowledge more accessible to your students.

What can Learnt.AI improve on?

When you click 'generate' after entering your requirements, there can be a wait. This is not a criticism of Learnt.AI. Generative artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, and most forms have a time delay as the AI gets to work.

We hope that Learnt.AI continues to keep pace with updates to AI and that the delays come down. Despite these delays, the AI will still complete the task quicker than you'd manage.

Overall rating of the app.

Learnt.AI is one of the earliest AI tools dedicated to education that aims to support, not supplant, teachers. It can help improve work-life balance, reduce the tedium of monotonous tasks, and free up time to create even better lessons.

Getting onboard with AI-supported teaching is easy and fair with Learnt.AI providing you with ten tools you can use immediately to create lesson activities for free. Try these and see how having an AI assistant can help you save time and be more productive. Learnt.AI is a five-star app.

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