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About iSpring Quiz Maker

iSpringQuizMaker is a user-friendly and flexible quiz maker for teachers to make quizzes. Teachers download a Windows-based app to produce the quizzes and publish them to web files usable in any browser on any device. They'll also link with any mainstream LMS your school uses.

The quizzes are great for formative assessment, but they also offer support for kids as you can include feedback into the quiz and provide a branching structure depending on how well the player answers. A generous and fully-featured 14-day trial, combined with this review, will let you make an informed choice over whether to subscribe to this app.

iSpring Quiz Maker Review

What is iSpring QuizMaker app?

iSpring QuizMaker makes quizzes to enhance your lessons!

The best way to think of iSpringQuizMaker is as an app similar to those you might use for creating presentations, except it streamlines the process of making and creating self-marking quizzes. It provides user-defined feedback and integrates effectively with school learning management systems.

The quizzes are far more varied than you could achieve with a non-dedicated quiz-making app. Creators can choose from fourteen question types, including multiple-choice, drag and drop, and sequencing.

iSpring QuizMaker still includes practical presentational tools for slides that are not question-based. Teachers who want to include reminders, support, and further explanations can create slides with animations, media, and text. This is made more powerful by branching within the quiz so students' paths through the quiz are determined by their answers.

The quiz creation app for iSpring QuizMaker is a downloadable app for Windows computers. The generated quizzes have very modest hardware requirements as students answer them within a web browser. The quiz content adapts to match different screen sizes and layouts, ensuring that students can complete them with whichever devices they can access.

The quizzes you create can work with other software typically found in schools. It can communicate with your school's LMS through SCORM, AICC, cmi5, and xAPI. Teachers may not know which of these their school uses, but their IT support will likely confirm that these standards cover all bases.

What we love about iSpring QuizMaker app

A teacher's job does not finish with the end-of-lesson bell. They need to know that kids have understood what was covered. There are different ways to assess this, but quizzes are one of the big ones. They are time-effective, provide valuable data, and everyone knows how to work with them.

iSpring QuizMaker takes quizzes and makes them even easier to create, set, mark, and use for drawing conclusions about a group's progress.

The simplicity and speed with which teachers can create their quizzes with iSpring QuizMaker belie its flexibility and potential customisation. Using images, audio, and video within the quizzes has great potential for creating interesting quizzes for students to complete and which are accessible to kids with different needs.

What skills does it teach?

iSpring QuizMaker isn't limited in any way to a single subject. If you can form relevant questions and responses for the topic, you can create a quiz in iSpring QuizMaker. 

What age is it appropriate for?

As teachers create the quizzes, they can make them suitable for any age by choosing the content and structure carefully.

Is iSpring QuizMaker app easy to use?

Anyone who has used PowerPoint will find it easy to adapt to iSpring QuizMaker. It works similarly. You create slides, set animations, and bring in media just as you would in Microsoft's tool. The key difference is that iSpring QuizMaker lets you generate a deck that works as a quiz but even when using the quiz-creation tools, it feels intuitive and familiar.

iSpring QuizMaker's developers also offer free webinars to help teachers develop their quiz-making skillset.

How will students benefit?

Teachers can incorporate student support in their quizzes by using the branching features offered by iSpring QuizMaker. For example, a student who answers a question correctly can go straight to the next, but you can set a branch where, if a student answers incorrectly, they see a feedback slide.

This approach, used well, can prevent kids from getting demoralising scores when a simple reminder could have set them right for the rest of the quiz.

We were impressed to see an option to ensure that published quizzes conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1). Simply by ticking a checkbox, teachers can ensure that kids with visual impairments can still access and complete quizzes. Obviously, they'll have to make sure that the question content isn't an obstacle, but iSpringQuizMaker will ensure that the rest is accessible.

These accessibility features adjust the contrast and layout to make it easier to view. Screen readers also work better and more effectively with content produced with the accessibility mode activated.

Not every student will benefit from iSpring QuizMaker's attention to accessibility, but it will make a huge difference for those who need it.

How will teachers benefit?

The key benefit of iSpring QuizMaker is how quick and easy it makes creating sophisticated quizzes, which we discussed earlier in this review. There are, however, many other features that warrant recommending it to classroom teachers.

You don't need graphic design skills to create a visually pleasing quiz, as the app has a selection of themes that give your quizzes clarity and consistency. The content isn't all you can customise, as quiz setters can adapt the quiz player app to suit their students better.

During the creation of the quizzes, you can choose more than the content and layout. You can determine how the quiz plays out for students. Randomising the order of the quiz questions can help prevent kids from copying each other's answers.

There is a useful import function in the iSpring QuizMaker app which lets you bring in questions from an Excel spreadsheet. There are two ways this could be useful to teachers.

If you have a ready-made bank of questions in this format, it is almost ready to go as a quiz.

Alternatively, Excel is a convenient way of noting down questions whenever they occur or perhaps from a discussion in the classroom. Entering the questions on a mobile version of Excel leaves them ready to convert into a quiz later, saving time inputting them.

What can iSpring QuizMaker app improve on?

We did not find any issues while preparing this review of iSpring QuizMaker. We'd like to see teachers who rely on the use of Macs have an opportunity to use the app, as the creator app is only available for Windows machines at the moment.

How much does iSpring QuizMaker app cost?

You can try a free trial of iSpring QuizMaker by downloading the app from its website. The free version is fully featured for fourteen days giving you plenty of time to see how the quiz creation, deployment, and assessment processes work as part of your workflow.

iSpringQuizMaker is available for individual users or to whole schools.

Is iSpring QuizMaker app safe to use?

iSpringQuizMaker has two parts. The quiz creator software is for teachers, while the resulting quizzes are for kids. The content within the quiz player and the method in which it is distributed is entirely chosen by the person who created the quiz.

There is a detailed privacy policy available for iSpringQuizMaker on the supporting website.

No advertisements are shown in the quiz creator or player, regardless of whether the user is within the free-trial period.

Overall rating of the app.

Teachers are keen to improve their lessons, but they are also time-poor. When an app offers a way to add a new experience to lessons and is quick to learn, we're keen to look closer.

iSpring QuizMaker does not disappoint. Its quizzes are interesting and satisfying for kids to complete, while teachers will find them easy to create, and the data they produce informative for planning.

If you are a teacher who has used any presentational software, particularly PowerPoint, you'll likely have your first iSpring QuizMaker quiz complete in a short time. iSpring QuizMaker will let you make a lot of great quiz activities in the free two-week trial, so you should certainly give it a try. We don't think you'll want to give it up after the trial, though, as it thoroughly deserves its five-star rating.

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