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About iSpring Free

iSpring is a free quiz-creation tool designed for creating eLearning materials. Educators can create multiple-choice, multiple-response, and short-answer questions and deploy them to students in a SCORM-compliant format.

iSpring's quizzes are age-neutral in appearance, making them suitable for students of all ages. The creation software requires a Windows-based computer. The output files can be viewed on any device with a browser once uploaded to a suitable location.

iSpring is part of a much larger suite for creating e-Learning material, but it still produces fully usable quizzes. This review is based entirely upon iSpring, and references to the full iSpring Suite are for information and comparative purposes.                                                

iSpring Free Review

What we love about iSpring app

iSpring makes generous use of the modular structure of its parent suite. Yes, using iSpring introduces you to the broader product, but how many promotional materials or free trials let you keep a genuinely useful toolset like iSpring?

This app makes creating custom quizzes that are attractive and clear as simple as possible. Time spent searching for premade content can be more effectively used by creating it. As a bonus, it then matches the teacher's goals and students' levels better.

Teachers' lives are easier when they can share the load, and iSpring's file-based creation and publication make this easy. Any teacher who downloads this free tool can modify a file sent to them by a colleague. Once a published file is ready, teachers can deploy it on their LMS for use by other classes and colleagues.

In short, iSpring makes quiz creation easy, lets colleagues collaborate and share, and does it all for free, permanently. 

What tools does iSpring provide?

iSpring lets educators create quizzes of the following types:

  • Multiple-choice
  • Multiple-response
  • Short-answer

The quizzes can incorporate images, sounds, and videos. They can be customised to change the number of options and their feedback.

Published quizzes are SCORM compliant and HTML-based.

Students answer the questions and receive instant responses to each question and a score at the end.

All files created by the user, including the quiz creation file and the published quiz, are saved to a local device or cloud storage of the user's choice.

What age is it appropriate for?

While many kids could learn to use iSpring to create quizzes, this is not its intended purpose.

The creator entirely determines the content of any quizzes created in this app, so they can aim it at learners of any age able to engage with on-screen questions.

Is iSpring app easy to use?

iSpring takes a traditional approach to resource creation. It shows menus, options, and icons in a similar way to the Microsoft Office suite. For many users, this will feel familiar and learning to create quizzes will come easily after experimentation.

The whole iSpring Suite, of which iSpring is the quiz part, is supported by a comprehensive and clear getting-started guide. New users get an email pointing them to the relevant videos. These are short videos dedicated to each function which makes it easy to find and learn the aspects you need without having to scrub through a long video tutorial.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers often find that their dedicated teaching materials and apps have gaps in their coverage. Missing topics, unsuitable difficulty levels, or incompatible teaching approaches can be reasons why a teacher might need to prepare something more bespoke.

Tools dedicated to producing a specific resource, like a quiz, have much better results than forcing a general programme to do the same. As iSpring creates excellent quizzes that are easy to make and use and is free, there is no reason that teachers should not give it a go.

Existing PowerPoint presentations can be augmented with iSpring's quizzes, enhancing favourite resources already made. You can use its features directly within PowerPoint itself.

iSpring saves your quiz-creation files to its proprietary quiz format, which makes sharing with colleagues easy as they can modify the file to match their requirements before publishing. When you want to deploy the quizzes to your students, you publish them to a SCORM compliant file which will let you integrate them with your LMS. You can immediately test it in your computer's browser.

How will parents benefit?

Parents home-schooling kids, either as a support to school or as their full education, don't easily have access to many teaching resources due to package prices or their complexity. iSpring gives parents a classroom-quality tool to create supporting content for their kids.

What can iSpring app improve on?

After you first download iSpring, you'll encounter a once common but now rare sight—an option to download and install Flash Player already selected. As this plugin is defunct, the check box was unselected for this review. There did not seem to be any ill effects from this, and as no attempt was made during this review to install Flash alongside iSpring, it is impossible to say what would happen if the box was left ticked.

In all likelihood, the download would fail, and nothing would happen, but users of apps should not have to opt out of an attempt to download or install a long-abandoned plugin. It could also be enough to put users off installing iSpring, which would be a pity as it is an excellent piece of software.

Compared to its paid-for equivalent, the most significant limitations of this free app are the caps on the number of slides and quiz questions. Increasing these a little would make the app feel a little less constrained.

Fortunately, with this being a free app, you can easily find out if these limits restrict you too much or not.

How much does iSpring app cost?

iSpring is, unsurprisingly, free. It is a cut down version of iSpring Quiz Maker, which, in turn, forms a part of a more comprehensive package called iSpring Suite. This does not make iSpring a limited product—it is a useful quiz-creation tool, and there is no time limit on its use. 

Using iSpring, you get course and quiz creation content from iSpring Quiz Maker for free with a few missing options. You can save your quiz creation files and publish to SCORM compatible files for your LMS. The premium package has further export options that may make sense if you want to integrate your quizzes with other software.

You can create multiple-choice, multiple-selection, and short-answer questions in this free version but not drag-and-drop, numeric, drop-down list, and other types.

The ever-present reminders of the interactions, simulations, screencasts and book components might tantalise you into looking more at the iSpring Suite, but you don't have to try them. If you do choose to try them, you can access a free trial.

Is iSpring safe to use?

You create all of the content for iSpring quizzes and save this to your storage rather than the cloud, although you could use cloud-based storage if you choose. This places the content, your creations, and any data fully within your control. There are no third-party advertisements in this app, and it did not install anything beyond the quiz-making software. No nagging to upgrade or download other products was noticed during this review.

Overall rating of the app

iSping clearly wants you to take a closer look at the full Quiz Maker product or the entire iSpring Suite, but don't hold that against it. To be a good banner bearer for the paid-for product, it must do its job well, and it does. 

You might look enviously at the greyed out other question types only available to users of the full Quiz Maker app, but you will still be grateful for how useful iSpring is for creating educational activities for your students on any topic. 

iSpring costs nothing and deserves a place in every teacher's lesson creation toolset. It is a five-star app.

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