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About Gimkit

GimKit is an online educational platform with a game show-style format that allows students to collaboratively review key classroom topics. 

Gimkit Review

Gimkit a classroom game platform where students compete by answering questions on their electronic devices. Gimkit can be used in any classroom to introduce or review concepts; it's like a mashup of Kahoot! and Quizlet, but with some unique features neither have.

Is Gimkit easy to use?

Gimkit is a fun and easy way to engage your students while also promoting them to connect and work together with their teams. You can create quizzes and have students answer questions either by themselves or in a group. Correct answers can earn them in-game cash that can be reinvested for upgrades and powerups. Students can answer the questions together as a class in real-time or they can participate at home on their own schedule.

How does Gimkit works?

The questions are broken down into different units – referred to as kits. One of the unique features of using Gimkit live in the classroom is that students have the opportunity to answer questions more than once – even after they get them right. This feature helps ensure they master concepts and understand focus areas rather than just touching on them one time. It also helps them recall relevant information for longer periods of time and ensures it stays fresh in their minds.

And, to add an extra element of competition and strategy to learning with Gimkit, students can also earn in-game cash for each correct answer. But, like with any game show, they’ll lose money as well whenever they answer a question wrong! This helps promote the value of collaboration and allows students to work together to make sure they have the correct answer as the stakes get higher. Then, they can spend the virtual money on power-ups within the game and make purchases that fit their academic strengths. 

How educators benefit from Gimkit.

While it offers a fun way for students to learn, Gimkit also has its own sets of benefits for teachers. Namely, it provides data they can use to help each of their students learn more. Once they enter their Gimkit login, educators can see data that highlight what the class as a whole might need to spend more time working on and what they’ve got a good grasp of. It generates specific reports for individual students as well, allowing teachers to focus more on any needed areas of improvement.

Some of Gimkit’s other features also contribute to making it a powerful learning tool. It’s not only fun and useful for students in the classroom, but it's also beneficial for them at home. Teachers can assign homework challenges for students to complete outside of school and the Gimkit technology grades it automatically! Students can also contribute to the questions using the KitCollab feature. This enables teachers to build quizzes with one question from each student. As you might guess, this helps them cover a greater range of topics and increases student contributions as well. 

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