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About Flocabulary

Flocabulary is a website that provides courses in arithmetic, vocabulary, language arts, social studies, science, and SEL. There are interactive lyrics and music videos throughout the lessons that may be played at three different speeds. Depending on the paid plan, students can finish the supplementary activities, quizzes, reading passages, and more after viewing them as a class or alone.

Flocabulary Review

What do we like about Flocabulary?

One of the best things about Flocabulary is that it feels genuine rather than clumsy imitations that are meant for educational purposes. They feature a colourful mix of stock footage, discussion points, unique animation, and recent news pieces, as well as catchy and memorable backing rhythms and samples. The lyrics don't minimise subjects; rather, they appeal directly to a K–12 audiences, giving children a subtle and approachable manner to study material.

What skills does it improve?

The educational content in videos covers all academic areas, including SEL skills. Students can sharpen their focus as they learn to listen for specifics.

What age is it appropriate for?

For children in grades K–12, there are hundreds of educational hip-hop videos on the website Flocabulary. In addition to providing an age-appropriate weekly news update called The Week in Rap. 

Is Flocabulary free?

Flocabulary is free to try and it is available in all browsers of Windows and Mac. 

Is Flocabulary easy to use?

A strong system of support is provided by Flocabulary. A beta immersive reader feature is available, and there are three viewing speeds for the videos and lyrics. Students are pushed to their limits with objective tests, games, and writing and reading exercises.

How will students benefit?

Students can learn important terminology and concepts, gain more context knowledge, review lessons with access to immediate feedback, and more with the aid of accompanying activities, whether they are completed individually or as a class. Students are encouraged to be creative and teachers can gauge how well their students are understanding more complex ideas by giving them the chance to write their own hip-hop lyrics.

How will teachers benefit?

After a 30-day free trial, an individual teacher subscription is necessary to access the videos, lessons, activities, and Common Core State Standards (CCSS) linkages. The films also provide subjects from a diverse, equitable, and inclusive viewpoint. The comprehensive whole-school plan offers much more, such as a teacher dashboard and assignable, automatically graded quizzes. All of the content on Flocabulary was produced by experts who are passionate about education and is based on industry standards, going even beyond to include SEL and current events.

How will parents benefit?

Children will be entertained by these incredibly entertaining hip-hop films and have a joy writing and singing their own rhymes.

What can Flocabulary improve on?

The drawbacks of Flocabulary are relatively few. One consideration is the potential cost. The Teacher Lite plan grants access to all of the classes and part of the activities, but teachers and students must be on the school plan, which may be out of their price range, to have full access. Additionally, there are times when the lyrics seem a little stilted, although this also occurs in popular music. Finally, educators should be aware that some videos include mildly dubious language. Teachers should just double-check this in advance, even if pupils are unlikely to object.

How much does Flocabulary cost?

The Teacher Lite plan of Flocabulary cost $11.50.

Final thoughts

The Flocabulary platform is adaptable enough to be used sporadically or frequently without becoming repetitive, whether you want to give students a basic refresher lesson as homework or design a fully integrated class. The lessons in the videos are accessible and entertaining enough for viewers to retain the material. Play a video for the entire class, then have the students break into groups and watch it again while having a discussion. This will allow them to go deeper into the concepts and benefit from one another's insights. Videos for senior kids are more detailed, with almost every rhyme carrying some important information that they can study later through a variety of activities, including creating their own lyrics.

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