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About Flippity

Flippity is a useful tool for taking Google Sheets and turning them into helpful resources from flash cards to quizzes and more. At its most basic level, Flippity uses a number of Google Sheets that let teachers and students build activities. These templates are ready to use; all that needs to be done is to personalise them for the work at hand.

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Flippity Review

Flippity is a series of web apps that can easily turn a google spreadsheet into a set of online Flashcards or Quiz Show.

What do we like about Flippity?

This everything operates through a web browser, making it simple to share and access from a variety of devices, which is a very handy feature. 

What skills does it improve?

Flippity, the platform is highly interactive and enables intense student interaction at the individual, group, and class levels thanks to its support for Google Sheets.

What age is it appropriate for?

Flippity is appropriate for students in K-12.

Is Flippity free?

Flippity is free to use, including all the templates and guidance.

Is Flippity easy to use?

Flippity is simple to incorporate and suitable for both in-person and online learning because it integrates with Google Sheets. Flippity is easy to use, especially with detailed instructions. It only requires entering the required data to generate what you need because the templates are fully styled.

How will students benefit?

Flippity makes it easy to build interactive tools or games that include students in educational activities. You can use a variety of online templates on Flippity. Every template has a special game or utility that it can develop into. Memory exercises, study flashcards, and These Google Sheets templates can be used in a traditional classroom setting or in a virtual one by teachers and students. This digital content is accessible to everyone everywhere, including educators and students.

How will teachers benefit?

Any Google spreadsheet may be quickly converted into flashcards, a badge maker, a spelling test, a memory game, a word search, and more using Flippity. Flippity is a tool that teachers can use to assess students individually, have students create their own projects, or show them to the class. 

Flippity also produces useful tools for teachers to help with classroom management. You can access it by going to their website, which is a web-based tool. A free tool for instructors called Flippity enables the development of tests, flashcards, presentations, memory games, word searches, and other activities. It's a terrific approach to encourage students to develop their own projects, and it may be utilised by teachers as a presentation tool and work assignment.

How will parents benefit?

In each scenario, view the demonstration before transforming your spreadsheet using the offered templates and step-by-step instructions.

What can Flippity improve on?

The difficulty may lie in making sure that creations basically published spreadsheets are not blocked from wider sharing by your organization's admin. If they are, then students outside of that domain won't be able to see the generated content. The teacher might need to find a workaround for this.

How much does Flippity cost?

Flippity is available free to use and available in all web browsers of Windows and Mac.

Final thoughts

Flippity is a great tool for making abstract concepts more concrete, giving teachers and students the chance to explore concepts more thoroughly without being limited to static images and vocal explanations. Flippity is free, however, a Google account is required since it integrates with Google Sheets. Ideally, you'll already have this established and logged in if your school uses G Suite for Education.

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