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About Eyezy

eyeZy is a powerful parental control app that gives parents a lot of information about their kid’s use of their devices. Once installed and linked to kids’ Android or iOS devices, you can monitor location, messaging, photos, social media and more using eyeZy’s web-based dashboard.

eyeZy is a subscription-based service with a comprehensive supporting website and interactive examples of the app at work. Some features require rooting your Android device or Jailbreaking your iOS device.

Eyezy Review

Eyezy is an advanced parental control app for monitoring children's phone and internet usage. 

What we love about eyeZy app.

eyeZy has a very informative website that often gives admirably impartial advice about apps in the same space. It describes how and why some features work and spells out any limitations. This is a powerful service with many possibilities, and interested parents are advised to put aside some time to read the site in detail.

The nature of eyeZy is technical. It has an impressive feature set and offers choices that other parental monitoring apps do not have. The app’s supporting information does an excellent job of explaining the features and how they work. Liberal use of FAQs across the app ensures that it will be rare for you to have any unanswered questions. If you do find one, there is a live chat option.

You may not need all of the features offered by eyeZy, but having so many built in will let you adjust your use of the app as your kids grow up. Younger kids might benefit from a level of monitoring that would be an invasion of privacy for older kids, while you might feel more comfortable giving older kids more freedom if you turn on the GPS tracking.

One app that does it all will save you from having to adapt to different software as time goes on.

Nobody wants to subscribe to a service and find that they cannot use it, so it is reassuring that eyeZy’s website has a device compatibility feature. If you enter your device model into this, it will tell you whether it is compatible.

What features does it have?

eyeZy’s feature list is long. Pretty much every aspect of a mobile device that you might wish to watch can be monitored using the service, although some are conditional on the device and install method.

It can monitor social media apps, show live and historical location data, block websites, log anything typed into the app and much more.

What age is it appropriate for?

Parents will be the active users of eyeZy, while their children’s devices will be passive. The features and options you choose to use will depend on your child’s age, maturity, and your requirements for peace of mind.

How much does eyeZy app cost?

As you browse through the website and look at the features, you can use a simulated dashboard and see how the app presents the data.

The use of eyeZy requires a subscription. There are various options ranging from just a month up to a year.

1 Month Standart Eyezy costs $14.99, 3 Months Standard Subscription costs $39.99, Yearly Standard Subscription costs $59.99.

Is eyeZy app easy to use?


There are multiple ways of using eyeZy, and the one you choose will depend on the device you want to monitor and the monitoring features you desire to use. Some are straightforward; linking via iCloud, for example, is quick and easy. Others, such as those requiring rooting an Android device or Jailbreaking an iOS device, might require some research on your part or paying somebody else to do it.

eyeZy’s support offers the choice of having one of their staff install the service remotely for you.


The web-based eyeZy dashboard is very clear and easy to use. It lets you tune your monitoring to match your requirements and shows historical data too.

How will kids benefit?

There is a balance between freedom and independence on one side and safety and responsibility on the other. Parents and kids rarely agree on where this balance should rest, but the tools you have in eyeZy can form part of finding a compromise. 

eyeZy might allow you to offer kids additional freedoms on the condition that they accept your use of eyeZy as a safety net. Blocking specific websites, monitoring their location, and viewing saved photos could be provisos for them having their own mobile device.

How will parents benefit?

Parents want their kids to be safe and have peace of mind. eyeZy can contribute to these goals by keeping parents informed of their child’s whereabouts, social interactions, web browsing and more. We’d encourage parents only to use the features they feel they need to keep kids safe rather than to be informed about their lives—conversations will be more rewarding and build better trust.

eyeZy has the potential to offer more features than any other parental monitoring software so parents can match the app’s service to what they need. 

Good to know

eyeZy is a powerful app that gives parents a lot of information about their kid’s use of their devices. If you are using this app with older kids, you should consider discussing the monitoring tools it gives you and how you intend to use them.

While younger kids are used to being supervised and watched, older kids have a growing sense of independence and sensitivity to privacy issues. The level of detail that eyeZy allows could harm the trust between you and your child if they discover you have the capability to view their messages without having told them. 

You can use eyeZy without the monitored devices ever alerting their owners, but you should consider why you are doing this and what the repercussions of doing so might be. 

To monitor iOS devices, you do not need physical access to the device, although the monitored device may indicate that you have accessed the associated iCloud account. Depending on how the device has been set up, it may also ask for a confirmation code.

Android devices need you to take a more hands-on installation process, and you’ll need physical access to the device to link it to your eyeZy monitoring tools.

The monitoring dashboard is only available through the browser rather than a dedicated app as used by some parental monitoring apps.

Is eyeZy app safe to use?

For eyeZy to work, it does need a deep level of access to the monitored devices. Whichever method you use and whichever device you monitor, you’ll need to trust eyeZy to keep details and data safe.

Jailbreaking iOS and rooting Android devices have security implications outside of the use of eyeZy. Ensure you know what they are.

There are no advertisements in eyeZy. 

What can eyeZy app improve on?

All of the information you need about eyeZy is on the supporting website, and it has an open and honest approach to its features and any limitations. However, you do have to specifically look for some crucial information which could be more clearly presented.

The most important information is that some features are only available if you use a particular connection method. If you connect to iPhones using the iCloud link, you can only see the data iCloud stores. Essentially, the eyeZy dashboard is a clearer method of getting an overview of the iCloud data and cannot go beyond this using this connection.

For instance, iCloud connection does not feature a key logger, and there is no way such a feature could work on a standard iPhone due to Apple’s security sandboxing of apps. Keylogging is a feature claimed by eyeZy, but it only works on Apple devices if you have chosen to Jailbreak the device.

The website shows a comparison chart comparing eyeZy’s features against other solutions. A similar chart showing which features are available for each device family and connection method would help potential customers make better-informed choices.

As eyeZy points out, Jailbreaking technically voids your iPhone warranty and bypasses many of the security features built into the device. There is no other way eyeZy could implement some of its features on iOS, but you do need to consider the pros and cons of Jailbreaking your child’s iPhone.

Overall rating of the app.

Many tools have a legitimate use but have the potential to be misused. Monitoring software falls into this category—you want to use it to keep your kids safe, but it could be employed for less justifiable reasons. None of this is to criticise eyeZy but to point out why using its full feature set is not as straightforward as using other apps. Neither Android nor Apple wants to make it easy for their devices to be spied upon.

Other parental monitoring software is easier to install but does not offer the options available to a fully utilised eyeZy service. If you want these features, you will have to see which platform they support and then which install method.

There is no question that eyeZy is a powerful piece of software, so much so that its use might make some people feel uneasy. In the end, though, parents must decide the level of monitoring they wish to use and whether there is anything to be gained from keeping its use a secret. For the sake of your relationship with your kids, we urge you to consider your reasons for each choice. Don’t forget that a trusting relationship with your kids, open communication and good education are crucial for keeping kids safe. 

eyeZy is the most powerful parental monitoring app we’ve seen. You’ll have to decide whether you need those features and are willing to use the relevant install method.

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