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About Exploratorium

Exploratorium is a science website that has an educational area with links, exercises, and movies covering practically every facet of science, from biology and geology to physics and space science.

Exploratorium Review

What do we like about Exploratorium?

Exploratorium's games and simulations are well-designed and connect to areas of interest to tweens and teens, such as sweet chemistry and electrifying pickles. The interactive games are appealing and full of images, as are the Web-based and printable resources for at-home activities. Topics of high interest to young people are covered in video clips and written texts.

What skills does it improve?

Exploratorium helps to improve skills in Math, Science, Character & SEL. It enhances critical thinking skills. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Exploratorium is appropriate for students in grades 6-12.

Is Exploratorium free?

Exploratorium is available free of cost and is available in all browsers for Windows and Mac. 

Is Exploratorium easy to use?

If students stick to the Explore tab of online resources, they can find a variety of largely at-home activities. The utilisation of multimedia is interesting, and student-friendly content is carefully presented.

How will students benefit?

Students can utilise the site to learn about a range of topics, but teachers should offer follow-up exercises to help them put what they've learned into practice. Students can utilise the site on their own to research topics that they are interested in.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers will benefit as videos offer a wide range of science topics and include useful details such as duration, age appropriateness, and curriculum alignment. Some of the exercises would be excellent classroom experiments, particularly in non-lab settings. 

How will parents benefit?

The exercises will be an extension of classroom lessons for home school educators and parents in general. Some activities are inquiry-based, which necessitates a prediction before the children conduct experiments. The Science curriculum is reflected in the text passages and multimedia. There is little chance for collaboration, and many operations lack feedback.

What can Exploratorium improve on?

The majority of the content is promotional material for museum displays. Unfortunately, the majority of the activities aren't interactive; they're mostly at-home experiments, but they're well-explained and require only basic materials.

How much does Exploratorium cost?

Exploratorium is free of cost. 

Final thoughts

Teachers and students will find the Exploratorium website to be a valuable resource. It includes a variety of activities and labs for kids to employ in order to further their interest in science.

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