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About EduTyping

EduTyping is a comprehensive typing programme that begins with the fundamentals and progresses in little increments, beginning with the home row and progressing to typing meaningful paragraphs.

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EduTyping Review

EduTyping is a comprehensive typing programme that begins with the fundamentals and progresses in little increments, beginning with the home row and progressing to typing meaningful paragraphs. They also conduct regular timed tests, which offer students and teachers additional feedback. Students of all levels can also learn how to utilise real-world apps such as word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation software that they will need in their studies and future professions. 

Younger students learn how to operate the pieces of a computer, proper typing techniques, and cyber citizenship, while older students learn more about the business. When you combine these functions with easy navigation, attractive style, and customization choices, you get very comprehensive software that extends far beyond the front row.

What do we like about Edutyping?

After students have mastered all of the individual keys on the keyboard, Edutyping moves on to content that is likely to be of interest to them, such as current events, subject-based content, and pop culture. Students will be motivated to improve their typing abilities by earning XP and badges, and the choose-your-own-adventure content will give them greater flexibility. Students can also customise the look and feel of their EduTyping interface by selecting a theme.

What skills does it improve?

Edutyping helps to improve English Language Arts, Health & Wellness, Communication & Collaboration, Character & SEL, College & Career Prep. Great for Media Literacy, Creating Media and Digital Citizenship. Students learn new abilities in a systematic manner, practise previously gained skills, and reinforce their learning on a regular basis. This keeps their fingers flexible and their abilities current.

What age is it appropriate for?

Edutyping has features appropriate for the age of K-12 covering elementary, middle and high school.

Is Edutyping free?

Register for a Free 60-Day Trial and see why EduTyping is the most trusted online resource for keyboarding instruction and study. Use the free trial with up to 150 students to see how real-time feedback from EduTyping affects their learning.

Is Edutyping easy to use?

Students are guided on what to focus on next by the website, but they also have the flexibility to wander around, play games, and create tales. Teachers and administrators can customise the site and get technical assistance. The clean, colourful design makes it simple to get started with lessons; the themes, games, choose-your-own-adventure stories, and engaging content keep students engaged; and the real-world practical applications round out the package. 

With practice and repetition, students can learn to type. Teachers can adjust the lesson route to allow more advanced students to go forward, or create specialised lessons for pupils that want alternate topics, with modest steps set as the default. It is both mobile and desktop friendly. 

How will students benefit?

EduTyping is a two-level keyboarding and computer technology curriculum that includes hundreds of lessons and content. EduTyping, Jr., aimed at elementary school students, introduces the keyboard row by row and emphasises sight and high-frequency words, with video introductions to sessions. EduTyping Secondary is a touch-typing programme for middle and high school students that follows a more traditional curriculum. 

Both levels provide a large number of lessons, reinforcements, timed tests, and other tools to guide students through sequential topics, with new information uploaded or revised on a regular basis. To keep students interested and reinforce skills, both offer interactive games with several degrees of difficulty, topical typing material, and choose-your-own-adventure content. There's also a grade-by-grade curriculum for K–5 that delves deeper into the contrasts between younger and older primary children.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can also assign letter grades to students, establish typing speed and accuracy targets, and create benchmarks for them, as well as turn on or off features like the ability to play games, use the Backspace key, and view the Class Scoreboard. Teachers can also preview all of the lessons, remove them from the sequence, view the solution keys, and get printed lessons to supplement their students' learning. Teachers, school administrators, and district administrators can create and distribute bespoke lessons and examinations that are tailored to the needs of their classrooms, schools, and districts.

Teachers can take the chance to teach pupils about other subjects they're learning or an upcoming school event because they can produce their own content. This resource is ideal for remote learning because students can access it from home. If teachers have students that grasp the fundamentals and flourish with more freedom, they can let them explore the curriculum in any order they desire.

How will parents benefit?

Depending on device access students in each classroom, can also watch the videos together with the practice assignments offered for homework. Despite the lack of a built-in social component, teachers and students can set up friendly competitions, reward milestones, or build bespoke assessments that students design for one another. This allows parents to be part of their studies and encourage them to learn new. 

What can Edutyping improve on?

Some students may be intimidated by the long list of lessons. Individual users are not catered for.

How much does Edutyping cost?

Edutyping cost $10.99 per license after the 60-day free trial. 

Final thoughts

This engaging, thorough programme goes beyond touch-typing to include computer skills and professional document creation. Comprehensive and adaptable K–12 curriculum, appealing design, a full Computer Applications subject, and relevant data for teachers and administrators.

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