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About Edulastic

Edulastic is a simple online assessment system that gives teachers, administrators, and students access to real-time data. Edulastic is a web-based platform that teachers can use to test and track their student's progress toward mastery of standards. Edulastic, unlike most other programmes, is designed to be both a common benchmark system and a teacher formative assessment tool. School and district executives can administer secure exams to measure progress, while teachers can quickly identify and address problem areas.

Teachers create classes and begin creating assignments to test student learning after registering with an email and a password. Create custom assessments with a range of question types or use built-in questions to create assignments. There are a lot of useful information and customization options built in to help teachers develop and collect actionable assessment data.

Edulastic Review

Edulastic is a technology-enhanced assessment solution for teachers and school/district administrators. It is easy enough for classroom formative assessments, yet sophisticated enough for common interim and benchmark assessments that mirror state tests.

Edulastic empowers teachers with instant classroom data that shows who’s on track and who needs help so that they can take action and see growth.

What do we like about Edulastic?

There are over 30 interactive question kinds, as well as support for a number of standards ranging from the Common Core State Standards to the Next Generation Science Standards and numerous state standards. SBAC and PARCC assessments will have similar question possibilities of multiple choice, essay, drag and drop, label an image, and more. Teachers can simply access online assessments after uploading or inviting students to join the class. Teachers look at reports after students turn in their work to see if it meets the standard or if students need help.

Google Classroom and Clever are both integrated with Edulastic. Teachers can sign up for a free basic account, or upgrade to a premium account to get access to other features including a parent portal, more data features and reports, and text-to-speech tools for kids. At the school and district level, there is also a pricing tier accessible.

What skills does it improve?

The intellect capability of every student can be assessed and then guided to shape their learning process. This will help the students identify their flaws in the learning process. The various tests under guidance offers the perfect feedback fostering the innate abilities of every student. They become familiarise with the various modes of tests preparing them for better. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Edulastic is the perfect fit for students in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. It goes beyond this preferred category as there is no age limit for learning.  

Is Edulastic free?

Edulastic's Teacher Premium version costs $100 a year and is for teachers who wish to undertake more formal assessments or dig deeper into their class data. It offers free services too. 

Is Edulastic easy to use?

The interface is a little cluttered, and the search features yield mixed results, but students will like the ability to receive immediate, personalised feedback. Teachers can identify kids who need more help or standards that need to be retaught to the entire class using immediate feedback. Students will be tested on SBAC and PARCC. The registration process is simple, and the website includes instructions to assist visitors. 

How will students benefit?

Students can annotate texts and create shapes, lines, or arrows to collaborate with other students on various responses using the site. Edulastic allows educators to upload PDF worksheets and construct custom answer sheets to compute scores and grades automatically. Educators can divide children into subgroups and run reports to compare state test results to district benchmarks. 

Edulastic includes a freehand drawing capability that allows teams to explain the reasoning for different replies in a unified dashboard. It also helps to develop and share unique practice tests with students, read aloud question and answer options, and share performance data with the entire class in real time. Edulastic allows teachers to divide students into groups based on their performance on scorecards and then engage them with scenario-based questions and self-directed distance learning programmes. This will induce the cooperation and sharing features of every student making them a great team players. 

How will teachers benefit?

If teachers need to track their student's progress on state standards, or in any project or subject, they can use Edulastic with all students. Teachers should assist students in registering for Edulastic classes so that everyone has access. Furthermore, in classrooms using 1-to-1 devices, having students take some exams in class to assist them to become acquainted with the platform and their teacher's expectations for utilising it would be beneficial. 

Teachers can tailor instruction for students who struggle with a specific standard or re-teach a particularly difficult standard to the entire class as students complete exams. This is something teachers may rely on to get pupils to practise taking online tests, with real-time scoring and access to a range of question kinds and standards-aligned tasks. It has extensive reporting capabilities. Teachers may obtain near-instant input about students who may require more intervention or assistance, and it's helpful that they can choose to share and interpret that information with students, families, and other school personnel.

It's also fascinating to think about how this tool could be utilised for formative and summative evaluation, as well as online grading of handwritten tasks. There are some handy shortcuts for teacher grading, and there are enough question varieties to allow a wide range of question types and instructor feedback.

How will parents benefit?

The improvement in the child in terms of social and intellectual behaviour of the kids is a great benefit for a parent. It offers the best tools to evaluate the learning process of every child and understand what they need and how to assist them in their academic life. 

What can Edulastic improve on?

The majority of evaluations are for ELA and math, with other courses having limited resources. This is a useful tool for monitoring student development on standards-based concepts and abilities, even if it isn't particularly spectacular or entertaining. Basic accessibility tools such as text to speech should be provided for free rather than solely through subscriptions.

How much does Edulastic cost?

Edulastic costs $100 a year for premium plans. Premium accounts also allow teachers to customise the Edulastic site to appear and feel more like the real high-stakes assessments that their students will take. Despite the fact that it's only a cosmetic alteration, this could be a subtle but effective way to assist pupils to feel more at ease and confident. It also has free forever plans.

Final thoughts

An effective test prep programme that allows teachers to track student progress on standards mastery. While it may be tempting to simply plug and play these standards-aligned questions, be aware that some are more rigorous than others. There's a considerable difference between a pupil using a bunch of online quiz questions and genuinely grasping standards, so make sure you balance your own observations and judgments with the information you gather here. Overall, this is a useful tool for supporting standards-based assessment, especially when used in conjunction with the advice of an experienced teacher.

Consider raising the stakes of how you use Edulastic to include more than just practising for high-stakes exams. Use it as a warm-up question to pique students' interest and get them thinking about a new idea at the start of class. Use it to assess student knowledge and comprehension before introducing a new idea. You might also create your own formative assessment assignments. What are some ways you could utilise this platform to facilitate project-based learning in the classroom? Take a peek at a free account and see what you can come up with.

If you need to use a good formative assessment tool all year–or during an extended closure–to track student mastery, Edulastic probably is or you.

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