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About Educake

Educake is a popular online assessment and revision tool for science, English, geography, history, math, and computer science. Educake may help you teach more by saving you time when it comes to assigning homework, marking assignments, and analysing results: specification-matched exams can be created in seconds. You'll get fast feedback on your strengths and flaws, and students will get immediate feedback as well.

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Educake Review

What do we like about Educake?

To help students recall, modify, and retain past material more efficiently, Educake employs retrieval practice concepts. Outside of the classroom, students are assisted with individualised assessments and integrated study guides to aid independent learning and revision.

What skills does it improve?

It helps every student to acquire efficiency in the subjects with proper knowledge and guidance. 

What age is it appropriate for?

It is appropriate for students in middle and high school.

Is Educake free?

Educake offers a 7-day free trial.

Is Educake easy to use?

You must have internet connectivity to use Educake. Desktop access is necessary for teachers. Educake can be used on a mobile device, either with or without our app. Teachers will need an email address and a password to get in. A username and password are required for students. It's simple to get started with Google and Microsoft single sign-on.

How will students benefit?

Educake is an excellent tool for students to put their skills and ideas into practice. They can obtain fast feedback and enhance their confidence in key ideas by taking quizzes. The ability for students to browse study materials and create their own quizzes adds to the advantages. Students that participate in Educake have a higher chance of succeeding. A lot of practice helps students remember the main ideas. Students receive fast feedback by revealing the correct answers, allowing them to learn from quizzes.

How will teachers benefit?

The wide range of questions and simple platform considerably reduce homework workload for teachers. You can tailor your courses to cover important themes that students struggle with by viewing data for your class. You may also simply examine your grade sheet, eliminating the need for a separate spreadsheet to track who has done and who has not completed homework.

How will parents benefit?

Educake is a game-changer in the English language. Typically a difficult subject to acquire online help for, this platform is a fantastic method to lessen teacher workload without sacrificing what students receive.

What can Educake improve on?

Some of the questions may use some improvement. Some of the 'approved answers' need to be improved/added to and varied language supplied by students as answers should be taken into account.

How much does Educake cost?

An Educake subscription starts at £500 a year.

Final thoughts

Staff and students will find it extremely user-friendly, with a great tool for evaluating student engagement and achievement, excellent customer service, and a clear culture of continuous improvement. It's been an excellent tool for assisting, developing, and evaluating student understanding of various topics.

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