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About Edcite

Edcite is an online learning platform that provides a variety of features and tools to support teachers and students.

Edcite Review

What do we like about Edcite?

Edcite promotes its use as a tool for formative evaluation. Students receive immediate feedback on their responses, often in the form of useful tips based on their input, as long as each question is correctly written. This technology could be used by teachers to replace paper tests and exit tickets. It might be used for homework assignments and data reviews with students.

What skills does it improve?

Edcite is a perfect tool for building online test-taking routines and confidence since it mimics state tests so well. Looking beyond the test prep lens, the website offers teachers a creative way to craft and track assessment data. It can reduce the laborious grading that often accompanies paper tests.

What age is it appropriate for?

The Edcite website is appropriate for students in grades 3-8.

Is Edcite free?

Edcite website can be accessed on all browsers of Windows and Mac.

Is Edcite easy to use?

Edcite's website is well-organized, and it is easy to navigate. The main dashboard provides quick access to all the key features, and it is easy to find assignments, assessments, and other materials.

How will students benefit?

Edcite is a useful tool for students that can help them to personalize their learning experience, receive immediate feedback, practice and master the material, collaborate with their peers, and access their assignments and assessments from anywhere. 

Edcite provides students with a range of practice exercises and assessments to help them master the material. This can be particularly helpful for students who struggle with certain concepts and need extra practice.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers may instantly create classes and student accounts after registering a free account. Assignments may be shared via a shared link or sent out to the student accounts. In addition to offering a sizable library of teacher content that can be browsed by subject, grade, or Common Core State Standard (CCSS), Edcite encourages teachers to exchange their assignments and questions with one another. 

Teachers can design their own assignments or remix this content. To spice up assignments, the website has features built in for searching photographs with Creative Commons licences, YouTube videos, and other multimedia content. Users can upload their own content to any assignment, and there is also a library of shared photos available.

What can Edcite improve on?

You should be prepared to invest a lot of time studying how to construct effective interactive exams.

How much does Edcite cost?

Edcite is available free of cost for teachers and students.

Final thoughts

Edcite is a comprehensive online learning platform that offers a range of features and content to support teachers and students. The customizable content, grading and feedback, analytics and reporting, and collaboration and sharing features are all popular among users. The website is also well-designed and easy to navigate, making it a user-friendly option for online learning.

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