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About Dyslexia Gold

Dyslexia Gold improves reading fluency, speed and comprehension. It increases reading age by over 12 months. Their fun, effective & unique programs help children learn to improve: Reading with Engaging Eyes and Fluency Builder, master Spelling and Times Tables.

Dyslexia Gold addresses underlying problems that cause reading difficulties. We address vision problems to stop your child from skipping lines and words. And auditory problems so your child can hear that goat is made up of 3 sounds g - oa – t.

The program is suitable for children aged 6-15. You can choose US or UK spelling and works on any PC or laptop with sound - Windows or Mac.

Dyslexia Gold is used in over 250 schools and by thousands of parents.

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Dyslexia Gold

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Publisher's Description

Dyslexia Gold has various fun, effective & unique programs designed to help children catch up:

  • Improve Reading with Engaging Eyes and Fluency Builder

  • Master Spelling with Spelling Tutor

  • Learn Times Tables with Times Table Tutor

  • Take our Dyslexia Screening Test to find out more ways to help

Dyslexia Gold Testimonials

"This is an amazing program that helped my son go from a very reluctant and slow reader in Y2 to being fluent and enthusiastic in Y3."

"The screening test really helped me understand why Ella was struggling to read - and why she was struggling so much in class. Now I know how to help her"

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