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About DocHipo

Dochipo is a graphic design web app with an accessible workflow that makes creating all sorts of visually attractive documents easy. School staff can create impressive newsletters, school community social media posts, and lesson resources. Students can produce artistic school projects and assignments. 

DocHipo is simple to try for free by creating an account on its web app. As a web app, it is compatible with most modern hardware, but it is especially suitable for Windows, Mac and Chromebooks.

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DocHipo Review

What is DocHipo app?

When you want to produce something that parents, colleagues or students will see, you want it to communicate the information clearly and look good. With DocHipo, you’ll remain responsible for the content, but you’ll receive considerable help and support from DocHipo’s tools for the presentation.

Most users will choose a template matching the type they want, such as newsletter, presentation, certificate, social media post, or invitation (although there are many more to choose), and then adjust them as much as they see fit.

Adjustments can be as small as changing colours or as large as bringing in whole new elements. Each element in DocHipo suits its purpose well and is easy to populate with information. They ensure that your spacing and formatting look good.

If you are feeling creative, confident, and have something unique in mind, you can start from a blank page if you like. Set up a few basic parameters reflecting how you’ll use the final product, and then start dragging in the widgets.

DocHipo also has easy-to-use image editing tools, so users can do everything they need without other apps. Image editing will be handy for preparing images for teaching resources as it has cropping, colour filters and automated background removal to isolate subjects.

Except for background removal, you can use the image editor fully in the free version of DocHipo, which makes it a useful account to have set up.

What we love about DocHipo app.

We aren’t all blessed with design skills and artistic flair. Fortunately, we live in a time when technology can compensate for all kinds of shortfalls in our abilities. DocHipo gives everyone the tools to produce graphical layouts that look slick and professional.

These tools are easy enough for kids to learn and powerful enough for teachers and parents to create impressive graphic designs.

Being a web-based app, DocHipo is easy for schools to administer and will run on fairly low-end computers so kids can access it at home. School IT support won’t have to worry about updates or compatibility. If your devices have reasonably modern browsers, DocHipo will work.

DocHipo is a complete package that every member of a school community can put to good use daily. As teachers will very likely use it for their teaching aids, they will also become familiar enough with it to teach their students how to use it. This makes it very useful, efficient and good value.

What skills does it teach?

DocHipo has many uses for students, parents and teachers, but it does not explicitly teach skills or knowledge. It can be used to create learning aids or demonstrate understanding. Using it will also grow its users’ IT skills as it uses conventions and interfaces very similar to creative software of all kinds.

What age is it appropriate for?

As DocHipo is built for marketers and content creators, it is not a specifically child-focused app. However, it is as simple as you could expect for an app of this type, and even young kids will be able to modify templates and enter new content.

Is DocHipo app easy to use?

New users of DocHipo should find it easy to understand. It uses widgets to build up the document, which are dragged into place from the side of the screen. Once these are in place, users can adjust their typography, images and whatever else is relevant.

Rather than start from a blank page, most documents you create will probably start from a ready-made template. There are plenty to choose from, and they cover various document types.

An excellent support section on the app’s website gives tips on graphic design in general and using DocHipo specifically.

How will students benefit?

DocHipo provides a great way for kids to be creative, develop their IT skills and demonstrate their learning. Kids who don’t find art easy sometimes feel demotivated when their teacher sets them a design-a-poster, guide, or newsletter task to show what they have learned.

These kids might have great ideas and excellent understanding, but when they feel their design skills aren’t equal to their other abilities, they might not put in as much effort. 

With DocHipo, these kids have a starting point in the templates and the opportunity to concentrate on the content while just tweaking the design elements. They won’t feel like their final product has let them down, and parents and teachers will see what they know.

How will parents benefit?

Many people have an occasion when they’d like to create an attractive digital document to print or post. Parents who’ve purchased access for their kids will also be able to produce impressive dinner party invites, family newsletters, and work notices with ease.

How will teachers benefit?

If you’re a teacher who looks enviously at the beautiful worksheets, custom classroom posters, and creative lesson resources of an artistically gifted colleague, DocHipo could be your friend. 

Granted, you’ll mostly stay within the constraints of the built-in templates, but there are enough tweaks and changes that you can make for your finished product to feel like yours. Of course, you don’t have to stay within the templates, but then your artistic and design abilities will be tested.

Even teachers with the skills to produce high-quality designs from scratch won’t have the time to do this for everything. Using DocHipo, they have a starting point and making adjustments from a well-chosen template is much easier than starting from a blank page. 

If you have favourite graphics, diagrams, or charts to add to your creations, you can still bring them into your DocHipo templates to give them a fresh look. There is also a large bank of assets you can use in your creations which will save you searching for them and help you avoid copyright issues.

The image library alone can make a huge difference to how your teaching materials look. Adding pictures just for decoration is quick enough not to feel like time wasted. Other images can save you a lot of time as you don’t have to worry about resolutions, watermarks, sizes and everything else that can mar your resources.

How much does DocHipo app cost?

Individuals can use a limited version of DocHipo for free. You will be restricted in the number of documents you can create and won’t be able to use the premium templates.

A subscription unlocks the full toolset and includes assets such as the image library. We’d recommend testing the free version and if you like it, go for the yearly subscription to benefit from a 25% discount.

Schools can contact the developer via the DocHipo website for special pricing options.

Is DocHipo app safe to use?

On the whole, users create content rather than view what others have created within DocHipo. There is however a large library of assets that you can use to enhance your design work. It was not possible to view every included asset during this review of DocHipo, but nothing we did see would have been unsuitable for kids to view.

There are no advertisements in any of the free or paid-for DocHipo plans.

Kids can use DocHipo, but the app’s terms of service require an adult to set up the account.

What can DocHipo app improve on?

DocHipo is for a broader market than just educational users, so we can forgive it for not having educational-specific content. However, we’d love to see some education-specific templates. Worksheets, science write-ups, creative writing scaffolds, and more would give teachers and students a starting point for everyday school tasks.

Overall rating of the app.

Whether you are looking for your first graphic design app or are using another, you should take a close look at DocHipo to see if you can get the results you want at the best price. There are similar products that compete with DocHipo with different feature sets. DocHipo compares very favourably with them on price and you may not need all of the features in the competitors.

Everyone with access to DocHipo has the means to produce great content quickly and easily. We have awarded it five stars and recommend testing it with its free plan.

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