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About Curiosity Machine

The Curiosity Machine is a website that hosts a collection of exciting and challenging engineering projects designed for children and their parents to encourage curiosity, creativity, and persistence. The activities help families move beyond passive consumption of information and encourage them to make tinkering, building, creating and inventing a family hobby.

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Curiosity Machine Review

Living by every single word of the tag line “Imagine a better world and build it together”, Curiosity Machine is yet another online learning platform that deserves a special mention. This website is specially meant for kids and young students who will be encouraged to design engineering objects using common, household items.

Curiosity Machine is a host of informative videos, design contests and a user-guide engage and support curious students. Curiosity Machine helps children build, share, and receive feedback from experts. Its main focus is on teaching children, and their parents, about the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Its main focus to bring family members together to learn and build their own AI.

It has a specific "Family Challenge" which is a "free, hands-on AI education program that brings families, schools, communities, and technology know-it-all together to give everyone the chance to learn, play and create with AI."

Families will be guided through the basics of AI and are then encouraged to look around their local communities for potential problems to solve using their new skills. Proposals can then be submitted to win the competition.

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Curiosity Machine

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