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Coursebox.AI Review

Teachers typically spend more time preparing and planning than engaging with their students. The recent advances in artificial technology can help switch this around, and CourseBox.AI is one of the earliest to offer an AI-driven solution to reducing teachers' workloads.

Coursebox is an AI-driven learning management system (LMS) that will design courses from your typed-in prompts, documents or videos in a few seconds and reflect your requirements. Design new courses to support your classroom teaching, offer professional development to colleagues, and provide responsive material to meet kid's needs.

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Coursebox.AI Features

  • Create new courses with learning content, assessment, and collaboration features in minutes.
  • Guided creation process helps course creators enter the right prompts.
  • Build your courses around your existing written and video-based material.
  • Create courses to match student needs and staff development requirements.
  • Flexible access via web and mobile apps.


Coursebox.AI is operating in a brand-new space. Everyone has heard of generative AI, or at least the companies and chatbots most associated with it, but few fully understand what it can do.

Coursebox.AI is genuinely helpful, but teachers will only use it if they understand what it is and how it relates to their goals. We'd like to see the platform provide a more robust onboarding experience for new users and educate potential buyers about what it can do.

I hope this review goes some way toward reassuring teachers interested in the cutting-edge of classroom tech that Coursebox.AI is a worthy contender, but they'll need help bringing others on board. A stronger knowledge section, especially with supportive videos, would be ideal.


The app is subscription-based, starting at a permanently free tier. The app's value is especially good as it is not subscription-based — a single payment permanently unlocks it.

Is it good for learning?

From a course creation perspective, the intended users are those responsible for educating others.

This will be teachers in a school, but it is also a tool that those in other professions could use.

Students are also users of this app as they access the course. They will not detect any difference between using a course created in Coursebox.AI and using more traditional and time-consuming tools.

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Benefits for students

A quickly created course could benefit kids who struggle with understanding. Their teacher can create a mini course to support those kids. Without AI doing the legwork, there is not enough time in a teacher's day to provide this level of responsiveness.

Coursebox is an excellent example of AI supporting people to do the things people do best. When teachers don't have to spend time building courses, they have more availability and energy to provide students with in-person support. Their training and experience, freed from admin chores, will let them do what AI cannot —engage with their students on a personal level.

Benefits for teachers

Coursebox.AI features all lead to one huge benefit for teachers — saving time. What would the alternative be? Split the topic into discrete sections, define the order, allocate timings, create assessment opportunities, populate this with informative material and then administer it all.

With Coursebox.AI, you just enter your requirements. You don't have to stick to mainstream topics. As part of this review, I asked the app to create a one-hour course called "How to Write Reviews". In less than one minute, there was a logical structure, key information and assessment opportunities ready to meet students.

Schools can choose Coursebox.AI as a 'white label' app so that it can become an integral part of their learning provision and sit alongside their already established online presence.

Bottom Line

Generative AI might one day not feel like magic. That day is not today. Asking Coursebox to create a course with a few short prompts and viewing its output in seconds feels incredible. Yet, the courses are well structured and accurate.

The free tier makes a great starting point for anyone who wonders what AI could achieve in education. I highly recommend you give Coursebox.AI a try. It is a five-star app.