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About Codemoji

Codemoji is an online learning platform that provides a computer science curriculum for 1st-8th grade students to learn the basics of web development and coding, including HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 

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Codemoji Review

Codemoji offers online coding curriculum and courses, using an automated adaptive learning model, to teach 1st-8th grade children the fundamentals of coding. This allows educators and parents of all backgrounds to feel confident while helping children learn to code. Codemoji lets children be creative while building apps, games, animation, and more.

What is Codemoji?

Codemoji demystifies coding and gives students hands-on experience building web pages, animations and much more.  The “emoji” part of Codemoji is exactly that, a set of emojis that function and work like real HTML, CSS and JavaScript tags.  Emojis are added together to build a website, and this gets the students really engaged. 

What devices will run

Chromebooks, laptops or desktop computers that are running an updated version of Google Chrome or other supported browsers current version of Chrome is 58 will run

How Can Teachers Use Codemoji?

Codemoji is an engaging tool that helps teachers guide students through the main coding technologies that drive websites: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Content-wise, Codemoji easily fits into a computer science, STEM, or media arts course. It is also a great addition to flipped or blended classrooms, enrichment programs, and summer camp offerings.

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Types of skills developed

Academic Relevance
Critical Thinking
Communication Skills



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