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About is a website dedicated to K-12 computer science (CS) instruction, from coursework to advocacy. The site is geared toward increasing diversity and accessibility in computer science, preparing new CS teachers, adding computer science to school curricula, and helping to set up policies that support computer science. 

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Try for free Review is one of the most popular coding websites for kids that provides free coding classes. This platform is known for its intuitive search engine that enables you to search for relevant courses from all over the world. It also offers comprehensive online tutorials, averaging at 15 to 20 hours. is an initiative to teach programming to children. Because of this, the contents are much lighter and more accessible. The course catalogs are even divided by age: from kindergarten to 5 years old, from 6 to 12 and up to university levels. offers five free CS courses, from the 14-lesson Pre-reader Express to CS Principles, a yearlong AP-level course.

Like Khan Academy, also has an Hour of Code – quick coding tutorials for building websites, apps, and games.

The educational approach is done by yourself. You can dive into hours and hours of tutorials. Or use a slightly more structured approach, with sequential topics and a logical set of video lessons.

The cool thing about is that it brings the content of classes closer to universes that children identify with. Thus, it is common to find content that includes movies, such as Star Wars and Frozen, and electronic games, such as Minecraft and Flappy Bird.

Is completely free?

The curriculum is completely free for anyone, anywhere to teach. 

Is a good website? provides excellent professional development to support teachers. Well-produced videos get kids excited about programming and help them understand its significance in the world today.

How many support languages is available? tutorial is designed for all ages in over 45 languages.

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