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About ClassPoint

ClassPoint is an all-in-one PowerPoint teaching tool that improves presentation delivery, audience engagement, and gamifies student learning. It comes with a wide array of presentation and annotation tools, interactive quizzes and gamification features that are integrated seamlessly inside PowerPoint.

It helps educators to teach more efficiently without switching between many different apps. Whether teaching in person or from afar, ClassPoint makes it easy for educators to annotate their slides using inking, text box, shapes, add unlimited whiteboard, randomly pick names, create and run interactive quizzes, gamify students learning journey via levels, badges, leader-board, etc. — all inside PowerPoint.

ClassPoint Review

What is ClassPoint?

ClassPoint is an all-in-one PowerPoint teaching tool that improves presentation delivery, audience engagement, and gamifies student learning. It comes with a wide array of presentation and annotation tools, interactive quizzes and gamification features that are integrated seamlessly inside PowerPoint, including draggable objects, name picker, embedded browser, interactive quizzes, leaderboard, levels and badges, and more. 

What does ClassPoint do?

Supercharge Your Teaching Experience

Magically transform classroom sessions with fun and exciting in-class activities with the help of ClassPoint’s new and improved Interactive Quiz features.

Build A True Gamified Learning Experience

Encourage student participation by gamifying your class with ClassPoint all-new reward and gamification system built specially for teachers.

Everything You Need In Microsoft PowerPoint and More!

Keep students engaged like never before with ClassPoint advanced presentation tools. All the presentation tools you were looking for and more - name it, ClassPoint 2.0 has it.

How to get started with ClassPoint?

You can download ClassPoint for free by visiting and click on ‘Download Now’. Once ClassPoint has been downloaded and installed on your device, head over to your profile on the Inknoe ClassPoint Tab in the PowerPoint ribbon. And click “create new account”. Fill in the necessary information, and verify your email. Then, you can start using ClassPoint! 

What is in the ClassPoint tab in the PowerPoint ribbon?

Once ClassPoint has been downloaded and installed, you will see the Inknoe ClassPoint Tab in the PowerPoint ribbon where you can create your ClassPoint account. You will see a list of interactive question buttons, where you can add to your slides to make your slides interactive instantly, alongside Class list where you can add your participant list or students to your class, additional presentation tools like Draggable Objects and Whiteboard Backgrounds you can manage in edit mode, as well as viewing Quiz Summary, and other settings.

In Settings you can edit your profile, view your subscription status, and adjust your slideshow options to hide the class code or toolbar, customize levels, and change your language. There is also a tutorial tab where you can watch tutorials for all ClassPoint features. 

How to create a quiz in ClassPoint 2? 

Step 1: Add the question as text on your slide

Step 2: Add an Interactive Question Button

Then, click on the Inknoe ClassPoint tab on your PowerPoint ribbon up top. You can choose from the 8 quiz types that are most suitable for your presentation.

Step 3: Customize settings (optional)

You can change the settings on the side panel based on your preference. Ex. number of options for Multiple Choice, correct answer, Quiz Mode, setting a countdown timer etc.

Once you have completed this, you're ready to start your presentation! Just go on slideshow mode and you can begin running your quiz.

What is ClassPoint AI?

ClassPoint Ai is a new and innovative addition to ClassPoint that uses AI technology to generate quiz questions from any PowerPoint slide in a matter of seconds. With its lightning-speed slide scanning technology, ClassPoint AI seamlessly examines the content of your slides, transforming it into instant quiz questions. 

Powered by OpenAI, ClassPoint’s intelligence algorithms can transform PowerPoint presentations with unparalleled flexibility through quiz customisation. ClassPoint AI can generate quizzes in multiple question types including Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blanks, and Short Answer, as well as allowing flexible customisation of academic questions using Bloom’s Taxonomy Levels. 

Benefits of ClassPoint AI

  • Integrated directly in PowerPoint
  • Can help you instantly create more interactive lessons 
  • Instant time saver and no prompt writing needed
  • Flexible & customizable with different question types
  • Questions are intelligent & academic 
  • Available in multiple languages

Is ClassPoint free? 

ClassPoint is free to download and use with the basic plan. 

What does ClassPoint Basic plan include?

ClassPoint basic plan is limited to a class size of 25 participants, 5 interactive quiz questions per PowerPoint deck, 3 draggable objects per slide and 3 saved classes. The basic plan is limited to 5 quiz question types including word cloud, multiple choice, short answer, image upload and slide drawing, as well as basic gamification features. 

Is ClassPoint free for students?

Yes, ClassPoint is free to use on the participant web app

What does ClassPoint Pro plan include?

ClassPoint Pro plan has a class size limit of 200 participants, and Pro users get unlimited access to the number of interactive quiz questions, draggable objects and saved classes on their PowerPoint slides. ClassPoint Pro plan also includes additional quiz types and features including fill in the blanks, audio record and video upload, quiz mode, ClassPoint AI, and advanced gamification.

How much does a ClassPoint Pro plan cost?

ClassPoint Pro costs USD96 /annum. 

Does ClassPoint offer a free trial?

ClassPoint does not currently offer a free trial. But you can choose to opt for ClassPoint free/basic plan if you are not ready to go Pro. 

How to use ClassPoint in your classroom? 

You can use ClassPoint to run interactive quizzes directly from your PowerPoint teaching presentations. 

When you begin your presentation in Slideshow mode, a class code will appear on the top right-hand corner of your screen. This is the code your audience will use to join your class. You can use a random class code generated for each session, or you can create your own saved class with its unique class code by heading to “Class List” in your PowerPoint ribbon. 

Students can join your class on any device at by typing in the class code and their name, or scan the QR code provided on screen. Once they have joined your class, they will see your slides on their devices, and are ready to answer any interactive quiz questions!

When you are ready to run your question, click on the question button you have generated during edit mode to begin receiving responses from your students. Students will be prompted to submit their responses. You will be able to see the real-time responses on your screen. There you have it – a quick and easy way to run interactive quizzes right inside PowerPoint!

What device can you play ClassPoint on? 

For presenters, ClassPoint is supported on Windows 11 and Windows 10 (version 1703 or later), along with Microsoft PPT versions 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021, and Office 365. However, ClassPoint is currently not available on MacOS devices. Our team is actively working on investigating the compatibility of ClassPoint features in the Mac version of PowerPoint.

While ClassPoint is currently not compatible with MacOS devices, you can use Virtual Machines such as Parallel Desktops to create a Windows environment on your MacOS device, allowing you to run Windows applications like ClassPoint on your MacOS devices. More details here. ClassPoint currently is not available on tablets. 

ClassPoint can be used on any devices for the participants.

Does ClassPoint require internet connection?

ClassPoint works on any location with an internet connection for the presenter. As for the participants, there is the option to participate without having access to any devices/internet connection. 

Can I use ClassPoint without a participant device?

Yes. Presenters can use ClassPoint’s presentation tools and gamification features without the participants having access to any devices. 

There are a few ways you can use ClassPoint gamification features without a participant device. 

Add your participants’ name to ClassPoint’s Class List and award stars for any in-person activity inside the “My Class” window accessible at the bottom-left corner of your Slideshow.

Use leaderboard to reveal the winners of any activities or games you have run with your participants. You have the option to view current class rank or total class rank.

Use ClassPoint’s Name Picker to randomly select participants in your activities to drive engagement. You have the option to use the spinning wheel or card deck selecting an emoji-labeled card to pick someone! 

How to get a class code?

A random class code is generated every time you enter Slideshow mode. You can find it at the top right-hand corner of your screen, or by clicking on “My Class” at the bottom-left corner of your screen. Alternatively, you can create and use your own saved class with its unique class code based on the subject and level you are teaching by heading to “Class List” > “Add your first class” in your PowerPoint ribbon.

You can share your class code with your students by sharing the alphanumeric code or the QR code by clicking on the class code. 

Can I use ClassPoint in languages other than English? 

ClassPoint currently supports major languages worldwide including English, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Filipino, Bahasa, and 30 more native languages.

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