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About ClassMarker

ClassMarker is a web-based testing solution which allows users to create custom online tests and quizzes for business, educational, and training assessments. The platform has features for automatic test grading and feedback, performance reporting, certificate creation, and other things.

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ClassMarker Review

ClassMarker is an online exam software that provides detailed analysis and results reports and statistics by test, group, user or category, which can be dynamically sorted by percentage, duration and date and exported to Microsoft Excel.

What do we like about ClassMarker?

Using all the different forms of questions makes creating the questions quite simple. Testing can be done manually or randomly, depending on what we think is best. Administrators can design unique examinations and quizzes with a variety of login, delivery, and completion options using ClassMarker. ClassMarker helps you choose the themes to employ and it is greatly increased by using the question database to create categories and questions. The results determine the level of expertise in because they are crystal clear. 

What skills does it improve?

Participants can obtain their scores, percentages, lists of correct and incorrect answers, individualised feedback, and certificates of passing or completion after finishing the course.

What age is it appropriate for?

ClassMarker is appropriate for all ages. 

Is ClassMarker free?

ClassMarker is available free and with a subscription available in all browsers of Windows.

Is ClassMarker easy to use?

The system is simple to use, yet it functions in a way that makes you faster the more you use it. By doing this, you can store your work and utilise it later on for a different question. ClassMarker is a strong platform that has been created with assessment in mind and is designed for both business and education. As a result, it might be a practical method to design tests that self-mark to cut down on time.

How will students benefit?

You can choose from short answers, essays, and other forms of quizzes in addition to multiple choice, which is a valuable tool for fast assessment. As it enables you to provide a variety of response possibilities to keep it interesting for students, randomising questions and answers might be a useful feature.

Users can design unique tests and quizzes with a variety of access, delivery, and completion options using ClassMarker. The number of retakes permitted for each test, time constraints, branding, question randomization, mandatory responses, instant or post-exam grading, and more is all controllable by users. Exam access can be restricted using paywalls and passwords that are unique to each exam. After finishing the test, test-takers can obtain their point and/or percentage scores, the correct and incorrect answers, personalised feedback, and pass or completion certificates. For each exam, users have complete control over the passing grade and optional feedback.

How will teachers benefit?

Test delivery options in ClassMarker include test URLs or registered groups. Through Webhooks or API, tests can also be inserted directly into company or institution websites. Exams are immediately assessed, and ClassMarker offers a thorough analysis, results reports, and statistics by test, group, user, or category. These statistics may be dynamically sorted by percentage, duration, and date, and exported to Microsoft Excel.

How will parents benefit?

A useful question bank system is employed by ClassMarker. A question you write in is saved so you can use it again in subsequent quizzes. In fact, you can choose to have a quiz created at random from your question bank.

What can Classmarker improve on?

When it comes to all the potential capabilities that ClassMarker has to offer, the group testing option is less flexible than tests by a link.

How much does Classmarker cost?

ClassMarker cost $19.95.

Final thoughts

ClassMarker is an online-based quiz creation and marking system that is simple to use and gain access to. It elevates testing and quizzing to a level where the findings are twice as helpful for teachers thanks to possibilities for feedback and statistical analysis.

Since this is also intended for businesses, there is strong security, and the cloud-based organisation backs up your saved quizzes every hour. On its website, ClassMarker touts itself as a safe, reputable web-based quiz maker that offers a simple, configurable online testing solution for business, training, and academic assessment.

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